4 + 5 June 2022
The Lincolnshire Well Being Show

Mind Body and Soul Experience
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

Up to 90 Attending Community Members
60 Talks and Presentations
Live Stage and Presentations

Anahata Centre Lincoln
 Chakra Healing & Reiki with Paul
 Developlink Reiki 
 Elemental Balance Bio Resonance Therapy
 Feet First Reflexology
 Gill Moore Spiritual Healing
 Iza Moon Shamanic Healing
 Nottingham Reiki & Holistic Therapies

 Richard’s Sound Bath Therapy
 Sanctuary Reflexology

We will cover some of the therapies today and some more tomorrow.

While visiting the Lincolnshire Well Being Show, enjoy a holistic healing session. Of course, the event’s name is Well Being Show, and this covers everything from retail to spiritual to creativity. So, what is on offer?


Reiki is amazing universal healing. The session begins with a short introduction and then moves on to the session. The therapy is non-intrusive, and the healing energy is passed through the practitioner to the client. Reiki goes to where it is needed, and clients often feel incredible differences soon after the session. Reiki is safe and has been practised for over a hundred years.

close up shot of a woman having a massage


Rachel Bavin is the owner of Elemental Balance. She is here to help you discover the fantastic Bio-Resonance system, which is safe and very interesting. Bio-Resonance work to rebalance the bio-flows and vibrational energy systems in the body. A session takes around 30 minutes, be sure to talk to Rachel about her work. And why not enjoy a revolutionary healing session?

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Rachel Bavin

Traditional Spiritual Healing

The art and gift of traditional spiritual healing have been with us for thousands of years. And we are proud to have one of the country’s most accomplished spiritual healers, Gill Moore. Although Gill has many incredible testimonials for her healing abilities, she prefers to be humble without aires. Visitors will meet with a kind and understanding lady. Do not miss the opportunity to spend some time with Gill.

Gill Moore: LizianEvents

Gill Working With a Client


Do you have reoccurring or constant pain? Then Steven Balke is the man to talk to! His reputation is nothing short of amazing. Steven has travelled the world, not only demonstrating the Old Pain2Go system, but he has also trained hundreds of practitioners who now run very successful Old Pain2Go practices. Steven explains this method of healing with clarity. And he is known to offer free treatments during events. So have some pain and want it to go? Steven is the man to talk to!

Steven Blake: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Steven Blake

Sound and Music

If you love music, you’ll love Iza Moon. Iza is a unique soul who lights the life of all who meet her. Not only is she an accomplished musician she is simply brilliant when it comes to sound therapy and alternative healing. Her ability to help with so many different conditions is without question. We are confident that you will feel relaxed, calm and healed after a session with Iza.

Iza Moon: LizianEvents

Iza Moon

Richard’s Sound Bath

Thousands of words have been written about Richard’s sound baths. He is one of the original sound therapies and was the first on the scene with gongs and chimes. He now records and distributes recordings of his work at events across the county. Love a sound bath? You’ll love Richard!

Richard Hissett: LizianEvents Lizian Events

Richard Hisset

Chakra Healing

Get your chakras aligned! Paul Willcock is a full-time alternative healing practitioner. Not only is he an exponent of Reiki and crystal healing, but he is also accomplished in the art of Chakra Balancing. This seated session combines spiritual healing, meditation, and crystal balancing. After the session, you will feel great spiritual awareness, and your psychic and intuitive abilities will be improved.

Paul Willcock: LizianEvents Ltd

Paul Willcock

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