A very short Sunday Thoughts this week. I’m taking the day off today to be with Bella and Molly. Nothing much will get done! Sunday lunch and some hours in the park and garden.

I have to comment on the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Next week at this time I’ll be working at the event. And it has turned into something very spectacular, I think we’ll be at 100 community – exhibitors and with the 60+ talks schedule, the show has to be one of the biggest Mind Body and Soul Experiences on this year’s calendar.

I’m not afraid to say, this is a fantastic achievement. The community must be proud of what is happening here. With so many people joining the event and booking for all of this year’s events there can be no doubt there is immense faith in the Well Being Brand. I cannot think of any show where Ian has worked to promote the event with so much dedication. LizianEvents News has been incredibly active, an average of 375 visits each day is in anyone’s book brilliant.

Social Media reach is at an all time high, no doubt due to the consistent LEN publications. And if you need evidence to support my words take a close look at this Facebook screenshot!

Impressions Facebook: LizianEvents Ltd

Yes! That is Correct 38,721 impressions ~ 21,363 Post Reach ~ 1794 Post Engagement in 14 days!

And this is for ONE post published by LEN through WordPress. Now combine this with a barrage of daily posts plus the Instagram, Twitter and LEN figures and I really think we are making headways. Could this indicate we are getting noticed? Well, the answer does not take much working out 🙂

So that’s it for today. I hope you’ll enjoy your week. And for those of you attending The Lincolnshire Well Being Show send out the vibes, keep sharing, and you’ll have a fantastic weekend.

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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