Many Visitors to Well Being Shows love to have a ‘Reading’. And the event is always a great place to enjoy a reading or two! And yes, many people do have more than one reading. Some like mediumistic messages. Others prefer psychic and intuitive connections. No matter the preference: some time spent with a Spiritual Counsellor can provide incredible insight into abilities and situations.

Spiritual Counsellors ~ Readers
Ash Sawyer Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant
Barrie John Medium
Counselling with Cartouche, Di Wall
Heather Wood – Guide, Medium, Therapist
Messages From The Soul
Mystic Christine
Soul to Soul & Past Life Readings John Richardson
Kirstie Lilith Animal Communication
Lisa Perkins Spiritual Medium
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium & Psychic
Sarah May – medium, psychic & reiki master
Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium
Summer Rose Tarot
Tracey Spiritual Tarot
Victor John (SAT)

A sitting usually lasts for around thirty minutes and is conducted most professionally. Most of our readers are highly qualified counsellors, having qualifications in many aspects of holistic healing and therapy. Courtesy, kindness and compassion are key words to consider when considering a reading.

We ask readers to record the sessions and provide contact details for future reference. We do not have a fixed price policy, and readers can charge whatever they choose. And we encourage them to offer short and introductory consultations. Flexibility is essential to great readings, but please remember to respect the time available. The best readings come from interaction. If there is a specific area you wish to be considered, it is simple to state the place you want to work through.

A good reading is genuinely inspirational. Sometimes opening doors to the future previously not considered. Do not doubt the experience and ability of an experienced medium, psychic, and spiritual counsellor. They are all excellent healers and therapists. Worldly wise and expert in their field. Why not book a reading for a truly memorable part of your day during the Lincolnshire Well Being Show?

Some of The Brilliant Readers Attending The Lincolnshire Well Being Show

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