Many thanks to everyone who has worked to promote this weekend’s Lincolnshire Well Being Show. There is now little more to do than for every one share the posts relevant to the event.

We have extensively promoted the event and have received great feedback. Today the Epic Centre will be set up ready for the show, and Community Members will arrive from three in the afternoon to begin setting up their stalls. On Saturday morning, the remaining stall holders and Community Members will come and at ten ‘o clock, the doors open. The Community takes possession of the event at that stage, and we can do no more.

It is an exciting and pleasurable exercise organising an event. The conversations with exhibitors are always interesting. From first time stands to seasoned retailers, therapists, performers, readers, and information stands, there is such variation; nothing is hard work. We love putting the event together.

How will the show fair? It is a question everyone asks! There is no answer, those who will come will do so and that is the reality. Although, The Well Being Brand has a growing and enviable reputation for excellent quality and brilliant organisation: no one can dispute the way this show looks. It has everything, a vast array of stands, an immense talks schedule, and world-class venue, first-class and professional catering, and unlimited free parking, whoever comes to this show is going to be more than impressed. It just seeps ‘Quality’ of the highest order.

LizianEvents will never compromise with the quality of The Well Being Brand. Working with the finest exhibitors makes our work so very easy. We all know Visitors will love the vibes and atmosphere. And we look forward to welcoming you through the doors of this weekends Lincolnshire Well Being Show,

See You Tomorrow.

Liz and Ian

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