Staffordshire Well Being Show
The Mind Body and Soul Experience
13 + 14 August 2022
Staffordshire Show Ground
Weston Road

ST18 0BD

Why Visit The Staffordshire Well Being Show? Pt One

There is a multitude of wellbeing genre shows. So why should you visit The Staffordshire Well Being Show?

When people come to an event, many exhibitors must be local to the venue. This means that follow-up appointments, purchasing preferred products, or visiting the stall holders are possible. Also, the local exhibitors to the event will be great ambassadors, promoting the show long before the opening of the doors. 

Well, Being Show exhibitors are well established and of high repute; one of the reasons The Well Being Brand has gained such a phenomenal reputation. Of course, some of the exhibiting Community will have travelled great distances to attend the show. And in this instance, visitors will discover that most stallholders have excellent websites or other communication conduits. For example, eBay or Etsy shop sites.

Well Being Shows are Community based – What does this mean?

Unlike other wellbeing genre shows, the Well Being Brand Shows organised by LizianEvents are connected 365 days each year. This is accomplished by lively social media streams and The LizianEvents News daily newsletter. The daily newsletter brings visitors to the Community well before the event. And this means the visitors know what to expect and can plan their day (or weekend) well in advance of the show. Visitors enjoy reading about the Community, their work and the shows.

There is also a special bonding created between visitors and the Community. The consistency of those attending appeals to visitors. High-quality goods, the best therapies, access to extensive information, and the renowned talk schedules make The Well Being Brand Shows an exceptional experience; Community and Visitors become more than customers, so they become firm friends.


The Community at a Well Being Brand Show have worked in the world of wellbeing and, alternative therapies, ethical retail for many years. Most have encountered and overcome every imaginable situation. Assessing a client’s suitability for treatment, guiding a customer to the best value goods, providing exceptional and transparent information about a specific service or presenting a world-class talk or presentation means a visitor can be secure in choices made during a show.

Not only this, Visitors can contact every exhibitor through the LizianEvents social media streams and LizianEvents News. While attending a Well Being Brand Show, there is an undoubted feeling of security.

The Vibes

All of us have an interest in alternative ways of living. And those who seek respite from the growing confusion surrounding daily life will discover The Well Being Brand shows imbibe the most beautiful feelings of happiness and contentedness. Is it any wonder Visitors return time and again to the shows? 

LizianEvents Well Being Show has gained a reputation for attaining the highest standards of the Visitor experience. And the Visitor base is concrete. We see people coming into the show from every walk of life. There is something to enjoy for every visitor. People come for a single day and choose to return for a second day. Many who attend on a Sunday leave with the comment ‘I wish I’d come yesterday!’

Feedback from Visitors confirms the positive way a Well Being Show enhances their life.

‘The Vibes at your event were fantastic.’ – Helen Chambers

 ‘I was doubtful about the community idea. When I returned home this evening, I realised the harmony one feels at a wellbeing show is real and wonderful.’ – Abigail Norris

‘I return time and again, always new and fresh faces. The talks are the best mix of information. See you at Stafford.’ Lesley Field

 ‘Absolutely love your shows. Love the exhibitors. No ego and ready to share their information.’ Joy Leonard

This concludes the first part of why one should visit The Staffordshire Well Being Show. The Community have an established reputation for providing Visitors with a brilliant experience. With over sixty exhibitors and 28 talks and presentations over the weekend, there is every reason to attend the show.

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