Staffordshire Well Being Show
The Mind Body and Soul Experience
13 + 14 August 2022
Staffordshire Show Ground
Weston Road

ST18 0BD

Why Visit The Staffordshire Well Being Show: Part Two

We have established how the community-based Well Being Shows provide visitors with a brilliant experience. By meeting over sixty knowledgeable and wise members of the show’s Community, attendees leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to find new ways to health, happiness and wellbeing. We consider the show’s content in this second part of the ‘Why visit The Staffordshire Well Being Show’.

There are four principal facets of a Well Being Show

  1. Retail opportunities
  2. Learning
  3. Alternative Health
  4. Spiritual ideas

Let’s consider each one. The four top faces of a Well Being Show combine to make the visit a holistic event. Because the Community has tens of years of combined knowledge and wisdom in the four fields, visitors leave feeling Well Being Magic.

1. Retail
Visitors can purchase a massive choice of products. If you are a crystal lover, there is plenty of options, from single crystal tumble-stones to 1000-pound plus geodes. Fairtrade and ethically sourced goods are high on the list for many attendees, and they will not be disappointed. There is always an excellent choice of jewellery made to the highest standards, and visitors will discover a good range of beautiful crystal jewellery made by artisans. Alongside the mainstay of goods, there is a superb range of esoteric goods. Everything from incense to mystical pyramids can be found at the show.

2. Learning

The principal conduit of learning is through the vast talks schedule. There will be nearly 30 talk presentations over the weekend. On the esoteric level, you’ll learn about after-life, past life regression, magical spells and spiritual communication. More formally, there is information about pain control, mental health, physical wellbeing, and alternative and holistic therapies.

3. Alternative Health

Visitors can enjoy reflexology, massage, sound therapies, consider aspects of modern hypnotic suggestion or explore the incredible possibilities of bio-resonate treatment. There are more than enough exhibitors to fulfil the questions of 1000 visitors! As we know, complementary therapies can offer life-changing alternatives to Well Being. Is it any wonder we are statistically seeing interest in this field? Some attendees come to the event with the sole reason of talking to the therapists and enjoying numerous healing sessions. Alternative health is very much part of the Well Being Show.

4. Spiritual ideas

Many people attending a show come for a spiritual reading. The old idea of a gipsy working from a seaside pier is long gone. Contemporary spiritual counsellors are highly qualified in alternative therapies and healing practice. A consultation usually takes around 30 minutes, and you’ll be amazed at how insightful the session will be. Another avenue to consider is past life regression. There have been many instances where past life insight has answered ‘this life’ issues. Past life regression is well worth exploring. The visitor can also explore the idea of after-life and reincarnation. Spiritual healing is also on the list of ideas to be explored during a visit to the Well Being Show.

So this article concludes part two of ‘Why visit The Staffordshire Well Being Show?’ More tomorrow.

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