Staffordshire Well Being Show
The Mind Body and Soul Experience
13 + 14 August 2022
Staffordshire Show Ground
Weston Road

ST18 0BD

Today we consider why people visit Well Being Brand shows. Let’s face it, ten’s of small events are running most weekends around the country. Therefore visitors need a compelling reason to come to the show.

Some exhibitors believe the show’s success is down to the organiser. And to some degree, they are right. But do the attendees come to a show because of the organiser? The answer is found in this question. ‘Do you attend a rock concert because of the organiser or the band’s name?’ In truth, we attend an event for the quality of the people who stand and make the show work.

singer singing on stage beside guitar player and bass player

Band or Organiser?

At The Staffordshire Well Being Show, sixty stands will be run by people at the top of the genre. And the standards they set are the best there can be. So, visitors can be sure of two things: quality and experience when they walk through the door.

The venue is the very best for the genre. Ample space, high facilities, good quality catering, large talk rooms and unlimited free parking.

While attending the event, visitors can take their time to talk to exhibiting community members. There is no pressure to buy anything! Some people arrive at a show solely intending to attend talks and presentations. Others come for a ‘reading’ or spiritual insights. Many arrive with aching muscles and leave feeling relaxed, having enjoyed a massage. 

There are multiple reasons to visit a Well Being Show. And the shows impress! Countless times people come to the event after reading a promotion. They have no expectations, only an enquiring mind and a ‘feeling’ the Well Being Show will have some significance to their lives.

And why not? We know the world is a very confusing place. Many people intuitively feel there is more to life than facts, figures, and empirical proofs. This so-called normality of fact-checkers and sceptics seems to make more mayhem than stability.

A spiritual counsellor, tarot reader or medium/psychic can offer profound insight into a client’s current lifestyle. Numerous examples of sceptical people being astounded by the information provided during a reading abound. And make no mistake, people from every avenue of life enjoy the ‘reading’. To be fair, some people want the reading for ‘fun’! And there is little wrong with seeing what insight can be found in the consultation. We know people who replay their reading to friends and ask, ‘What do you think?’ And their friends reply, ‘Very accurate.’ Incidentally, all our Spiritual Counsellors work independently. They are not allowed to fix prices and are encouraged to offer different session prices. We are very firm on this aspect, and any who crosses this line does not stand at our events.

tarot cards on wooden table

Enjoy a Reading?

Life is unfathomable, and sometimes it is excellent to enter a world where we can be taken to new horizons. Why not buy a crystal to help with anxiety? Why not enjoy the relaxation of Reflexology? Is the anything wrong with considering the possibility that Bio-Resonance balances the energy flows within the being? Alternative healing is loved by millions of people worldwide, and the following started decades ago and is growing annually.

crop masseuse with hands near ears of woman

Alternative Healing – A wonderful Experience

We know that fragrance helps us relax and has a tangible effect on our wellbeing. After all, Chanel is a billion-dollar business based on a Number 5! So, it is of little surprise to discover stalls selling many types of incense, diffusers and oils. Not only will you buy different fragrances the retailer will help you decide which is most suited for the occasion or room.

When buying jewellery from a Well Being Show, you have the advantage of not paying for the retailer’s shop overheads. Therefore, you will get the best possible value for money. But do not think you’ll buy from a ‘weekend trader’. Most retailers have websites and can always be contacted after closing the show.

Incidentally, this is one of the significant advantages of attending a LizianEvents Well Being Show. Every community exhibitor can be contacted through this website (LizianEvents News). We can deal with occasional issues and put customers and clients in touch with people whose information is lost. 

There are many reasons to visit The Staffordshire Well Being Show, and visitors can be sure of a beautiful and different day or weekend. Visitors can be certain of meeting with the best community exhibitors in the wellbeing genre. Fairness, honesty, high qualifications and integrity are words every exhibitor understands.

See You There

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