Next week will see some changes to the weekly format of LizianEvents News. As Monday is the beginning of August, readers will see a more structured weekly format.

Monday’s will most often be focused on ideas for exhibitors to consider. The following two Mondays are dedicated to setting up a successful stall and how the ‘little’ details make the difference between a sale or not. We will look at the card readers and why it is essential to consider the best or latest phone to attain good connectivity.

Tuesdays will be centred on the latest show and the community members standing at the forthcoming event. Tuesdays are also the day of recording LizianEvents Facebook Lives. And regulars will see a slight format change, with show advertisement and possibly community member promotion. Guests will discuss every aspect of Well Being and the Well Being Shows.

Wednesdays will centre on an aspect of Well Being and alternative therapy. The submissions will either be written by unique contributions or by members of the LizianEvents team. You can be sure of well-researched and excellent articles.

Thursday articles will be a recording of the Facebook Live and will promote the Facebook Live guest. The relevant contact details and replies to comments made during the recording will be addressed.

Friday is a ‘free day’ if a show is imminent; the article will centre on new community exhibitors, and there will be in-depth consideration of a show’s talks schedule and what visitors can expect during a presentation.

Saturday will include a synopsis of the week ahead, including the name of the LizianEvents Facebook live guest. Facebook live may, on occasion, be recorded during the day to accommodate a guests needs. If this is the case, readers will be notified on the Saturday morning highlights for the coming week.

Sunday will, of course, be Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts.

Highlight’s for the week commencing 1st August

Monday – Successful Stand Set-Up
Tuesday – Show News ~ Today’s Facebook Live Guest is Wendy Jackson Homoeopath (recorded at 14:00hrs)
Wednesday – Focus on Reiki by Liz Clark
Thursday – Facebook Live Show
Friday – Staffordshire Show Updates
Saturday – The week ahead
Sunday – Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts

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