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Well, what a week! I cannot remember when we enjoyed so many enquiries for the Well Being Shows. Without tempting fate, we have to consider the events have crossed a significant milestone. Many understand that good business means knocking on the doors of opportunity. We must make headways with a constant review of the business’s original design.

I do feel LizianEvents Well Being Shows have an identity. And one which is like no other due to the connectivity of the social media streams and the LizianEvents News platform. And there is a need to remind regular visitors and inform new visitors of the objectives of the events. This tap dripping fills the understanding vessel; eventually, people see the goals and share their experiences.

And so we see the shows and the brand grow. And how the events have taken off for the remainder of the year. 60+ community at Stafford. 70Seventyooked for Newark in September, and a staggering 90 exhibitor-community booked for November’s Lincolnshire Well Being Show. And I am sure the numbers will grow.

11:00 AM Saturday Morning at Lincoln in April

When the shows have high numbers of attendees, the result means higher footfall. And I am already seeing this in rebooked tickets. Plus, we have daily enquires from Visitors who desire to know about the show and attending community members. This adds up to exciting times ahead.

I have been asked if we will organise outdoor events. The answer, for the time being, is no! Our Visitors base is slightly different from those who attend outdoor events, and we intend to focus on the identified demographic. Some may say, ‘I cannot see the difference,’ I answer, ‘It is small and subtle differences that matter, and we are beginning to understand our Visitor base. A solid understanding of the Well Being Show’s Visitors means we produce a bespoke event that suits the customers.

This is why we choose not to take on every potential exhibitor requesting information. If the genre is saturated or there seems to be a lack of understanding of the Well Being Show’s architecture, then we go no further. I now believe we have to focus on quality, high standards and the ability to work within the precepts of The Well Being Brand. And the attitude is paying dividends.

I hope today’s Sunday Thoughts provided some insight into the future of The Well Being Brand. The golden rules for us are knowing the needs of both Community and the Customer and accepting and addressing faults and setbacks. I thank members of the Community who can see the long-term potential of The Well Being Brand and continue the strengthening of the Visitor Experience.

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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