Reiki Thoughts Part Two by Liz Clark

Firstly, I must thank all who have offered their support for the first part of this series of Reiki articles. Of particular note is the feedback for Reiki practitioners of different Reiki methodologies this provides an insight into the balanced way true healers accept there is no absolute to the forms of spiritual and universal life force energy.

Following the opening paragraph and the last article, I will continue thinking about life force energy. Before continuing, the suggestion is offered that even thinking about, researching or reading about the potential will encourage the healing to begin.

Most people now think that if something cannot be proven, seen, touched, or listened to, it does not exist. However, the imagination can design and realise all manner of artistic media. And the imagery is nothing more than a symbolic representation of the artist’s subconscious creativity. A viewer will resonate with the symbolic imagery, either loving, disliking or being indifferent to the piece. 

Later in the series of articles, I will write about Reiki symbols and their meanings. For the time being, we will consider the external and often unseen influences that make life great or not. We have to consider the idea of vibrational energy with care. It is easy to talk about sub-atomic particles and voids between the atoms and then make an association between physics and all manner of esoteric ideas. Let’s see if I can help you consider the potential of life force energy healing differently.

Is symbolic interpretation one step behind extra sensory perception? Allow me to offer some suggestions.

So potent are symbolic images they can produce sublime happiness or outright rage. A picture of an angel can soothe and bring peace. A revolver can instil feelings of fear and distress. And the feelings are real and can have a physical effect on the viewer. 

We have all seen the power of support and the comfort of strangers. When we are in distress, a friend who spends time listening and gives comfort can turn the situation from despair to seeing a beneficial future outcome. When a group of people on social media support someone in a poor position, the individual feels the benefit. Knowing several people care can truly make a difference.

A psychologist would suggest that unified support helps the brain’s chemical factory produce all the good hormones, serotonin and endorphins, the incredible ‘feel-good’ chemicals. And extensive evidence suggests a brain bathed in feel-good hormones activates whole body healing. A genuine smile can also make good vibes flow, as can laughter and all symbolisms of well-being and happiness.

Here is the connection. Now, a smile, laughter, or anything ‘happy’ has to be authentic to have a real, meaningful and positive effect on one’s well-being. When seen as genuine, the brain produces the magic feel-good and healing chemicals. The result is produced by an inner-knowledge. It is not tangible. The inner-being recognises the authentic nature of the physical symbolism of happiness and well-being.

And I believe the connection between the knowing of authenticity is felt because the sender of the happiness images (smile, laughter, looking healthy) emits vibrational energy that is felt by those who are attentive or within the company of the healer. How many times in life have you commented, ‘I love being in the company of that person?’ or ‘Something does not feel right with this individual?’ The ‘feeling’ cannot be due to physical contact or often is noted before a word is spoken.

A casual search for intuitive insight brings countless examples of travellers choosing not to fly, drive, become a car passenger, or continue a new friendship. Later to discover their lucky escape from crashes or dangerous personalities. Some people take risks (time and again) that most would run from, and the risk-taker seems to win every time. Taken further, most of us have encountered a situation where we feel something is amiss. Some people are just winners in business, friendships, or relationships. When asked, they cannot explain how they attract so much ‘luck.’ Could they be ‘attuned’ to certain subtle vibes?

So, can we accept there is a subtle and physically invisible force which can be used to one’s advantage? And could we consider that many different vibrations can warn, heal or provide insight? There are, of course, many who will accept the idea without question. And unfortunately, those who do not will never feel the benefits or advantages of gentle vibrational energy or life force energy. Of course, this is fine, each to their own. However, some attempt to question the beliefs or abilities of those working with this aspect of esoteric thought. Why they become so inflamed about people who work within the force of love, kindness, and happiness is for another day. But there is a message here, to consider life force energy or anything creative must be positive. Therefore, never argue or attempt to justify the ideas. To do so closes the flow and ability to sense the ‘vibes’. One either accepts vibrational energy exists or not.

Have you noticed how people walk into your path in shops, shopping malls or at public events? Do you have a profound understanding of an individual’s problems? I’m sure many spiritual and creative people connect to others in a way more complex than verbal or physical interaction. I’m convinced those who work with life force energy or have a kind and loving constitution attract those who require healing. I also suggest that compassionate people feel the anguish, unfairness, and injustice inflicted on innocent people. Their feelings are more concerned with the victim’s pain than the situation.

Life Force Energy?

What I’m writing about here is this: if people can settle down or become in tune with the vibrational energy of others, then the power must exist. And suppose an individual chooses to focus on the positive energy within the Universe. In that case, they can use the energy to their and other people’s advantage.

The probability is that vibrational energy exists. Those who dismiss the idea ignore the concept of light wavelength, magnetic fields and electricity, unseen forces that are part of everyone’s daily existence. My feeling is there are numerous degrees and strengths of vibrational energy. Of particular note are colour, sound, homoeopathic and plant essence healing. All are forms of vibrational healing. And those who accept the energy flows in different ways and degrees can become Reiki Masters.

Liz Clark

Copyright – Liz Clark 2022

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