In this final part of the series, sales techniques and the psychology of selling are considered. We have the benefit of television psychologist Darren Stanton’s knowledge of why some people are excellent sellers and others fail. Darren talks about initial impressions, quality and communication. He talks about social interaction and potential reasons for failure. And the need to watch successful traders. Darren talks about footfall and engagement. Why not listen to a real expert who has presented at the world’s largest trade venues?

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The way to success is not easy. Anyone who thinks they can turn up at an event without preparation will not fare as well as someone who takes exemplary care with the ‘shop front’. The lessons considered over the previous weeks are an accumulation of thirty-plus years of sales experience.

The winners are dedicated to the success of their shop or business. And they are entirely centred on their product, presentation and sales technique. They know that learning about the client’s needs, the importance of rapport, and how to be genuine is essential to success. Anyone who believes they know it all will fail. The road to success is to constantly learn about products and needs.

Ensure an understanding of stock control, profit margins and the need to operate a ‘clearance sale’. It is essential to have a firm grip on all financial aspects. Along with this, passion and dedication are at the forefront of one’s ethos. There will be setbacks, and success will not happen without commitment, dedication and investment. In time, a business can be built that will produce a return on investment and fully repay the money used to start the business.

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