Next week’s articles:

Monday ~ Debbie Ison Podcast – A Recording of Debbie’s Newark talk ~ “In Between Life” experience and how exploring this through Past Life Regression can foster understanding, release traumas and blocks, give new meaning to our connections to others, and allow access to the Higher Self; giving us healing, learning, growth, and access to our greater purpose.
Tuesday ~ Debbie Ison Podcast – A recording of Debbie’s Newark talk ~ The importance of Boundaries
In this talk, Debbie Ison discusses the importance of having personal boundaries in different areas of our life and what can happen when we lack those boundaries. Through this discussion, Debbie will look at strategies that can be implemented to strengthen these boundaries, whether they are required for personal relationships, professionally, or self-care, and the benefit that this can have on our well-being when these boundaries are successfully put into place.
Wednesday ~ Liz Clark answers questions arising from her ‘Alternative Reiki Thoughts’ series
Thursday ~ LizianEvents Facebook live a recording of Tuesday night’s Newcastle show talk
Friday ~ Final Newcastle Lists and Community highlights
Saturday ~ The week ahead
Sunday ~ Show Thoughts

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