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I still cannot believe the way The Newark Well-Being Show panned out. Yes, I could see an unprecedented number of pre-booked tickets, and the social media seemed to enjoy substantial traffic, but the turnout was unprecedented. Queues at the door on both days and steady footfall throughout the day. People arrive as late as three in the afternoon on Sunday. There is no doubting the exhibitor’s enthusiasm for the weekend. I have asked Ian to attach the Vimeo recording of the Community opinion to confirm the statements.

Newcastle Well-Being Show

Following on from the Newark success, I feel the same about the Newcastle Well-Being Show this coming weekend. Again, pre-booked tickets are at an exceptional level. Social media activity is lively, to say the least, and I’m still receiving inquiries to stand! The lead-up to this show seems to have the same ‘feel’ as last weekend’s event. If the omens come to fruition, Newcastle will be on a roll.


I am asked why the shows are gaining interest. And the answer is ‘I’m not entirely sure! But I have a suspicion:-)’ We only have a specific social advertising budget, which has not increased for three years. We have lessened the distribution of leaflets for the midland shows. However, Paul and Debs have distributed 20 thousand leaflets for Newcastle. Our email list is verified and is now over 11000 contacts. This number has significantly increased since 2018, the original number being 6000 approx. So, my answer is there has to be a fixed awareness of the Well Being Brand, and with the substantial readership of LizianEvents News, the tide has turned, and magic is happening.

I also believe we have a real identity. Our Community-exhibitors are genuinely dedicated to the brand and ethos. The old moan and groan attitude are gone, and everyone sees the commitment Ian and I have to mutual success. Repayment of stand fee’s during the crisis and lowering of stand prices truly gelled people together, and even today, we are acknowledged for the integrity of these choices.

But the identity is with the fantastic Community. I was so proud of the variation and dedication of everyone who has stood at this year’s shows. They have weathered (literally) heatwaves and storms and still have faith in the Well Being Brand. And do you know? Our Visitors acknowledge this as well! The feedback received as they leave is nothing short of brilliant. That is a fact, and as this regular aspect of shows continues, the following will grow.

The suspision for the growing interest is; growing exhibitor numbers and superb Community-exhibitors who offer consistent and brilliant customer service. This is the reason for the greater interest and the fabulous turnout to The Well Being Shows. There is a ‘tipping point’ where any event either continues to climb or begins to slip. It has nothing to do with the number of shows or advertising, the long-term success is due to quality, and The Community fulfils the meaning of quality in every way. This is, I suspect is the answer to the question.

So, we’ll be winding our way up to Newcastle on Thursday ready to set up the Newcastle show. I feel this will be a great event worthy of the people of Newcastle. See You There.

Liz Clark ~ MD LizianEvents Ltd

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