I am surer you’ll think the title is asking Community Members to book early for 2023 Well Being Shows, and while this is an aspect of the article, there are other considerations as well. As you know, we have chosen to keep the number of shows and price of stall fees low to keep within the VAT Registration threshold. Stall and entrance fees would exceed the limit with just two more events added.

This benefits stallholders and visitors as they would incur an extra 20% on stand and entrance fees if we became registered. There is no way around this situation, and the choice is made. I’d already decided to keep stall fees low to help people recover from the lockdown, which worked to our advantage during 2022.

It is essential to accept that in line with this policy, we have chosen to limit the number of genres of stands at the 2023 events. And there is a real focus on therapists and healers. This aligns with the Well Being Brand. We will encourage therapists and information stands and provide excellent platforms to promote and talk about their work.

We have seen a real upturn in Visitors in the last two shows, and there is no reason to think this trend will slow down. The consensus is that we have established a unique and quality identity, and building on this identity will be the focus of attention for 2023. And this aspect (identity and quality) is very much part of the growing interest in the Well Being Brand Shows. The consistent feedback from Community Members is “new and different visitors.”

So, if you are following the evolution of The Well Being Brand, you will understand the ethos of quality and uniqueness. And in pursuit of this objective, we pledge to provide Visitors with the finest of venues, the best talk schedules and solid quality of exhibitors. And we have no shortage of people who wish to be part of our Well Being Shows because of this quality thread.

I have made booking forms easier for 2023. There is still no deposit needed. Payment is due 30 days before the event. If a Community Member wishes to present a talk, they will have to send a 50-word resume of the subject and content of the presentation. In 2023 we will stream six talks from each event. We do not wish to be the biggest company. We desire to be known for quality and exceptional organisation.

Many have noticed the subtle changes to LizianEvents News with more structured posts. We have over 300 people a day visiting the pages running up to an event, and the figure settles down to around 150 between shows. This provides ample opportunities for people to promote their work and businesses. And during the next few weeks, readers will be introduced to the new Community Members information pages. We are already working with prominent Community Members in the first pages.

The journey to excellence is never easy or fast. We only have one requirement from exhibitors, and that is commitment to the ethos of the Well Being Brand. Eight events are being organised at established venues for 2023. Our email list is growing, and the number of loyal Visitors is growing.

We have the final Lincoln Well Being Show on November 5 + 6. This already has 90 stall holders (not stand numbers) booked. We have the most extensive and varied talk schedule of any Well Being event, and I know the attendance will grow like our previous shows. The reason is quality and exceptional organisation. And the trend for 2023 looks very good indeed.

If you wish to stand at a Well Being Show for 2023, book early. Stand places are limited, and the reach of the brand is growing.

Liz Clark

Reasons To Book? Watch the video – Interviews recorded at The Newcastle Well Being Show (September 2022)

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