We will review the forthcoming shows and events for the whole of next week. It is essential to ensure all Visitors and potential Community-exhibitors know the full extent of what is on offer.

Many people were surprised after watching Thursday’s LizianEvents Live, recorded at The Greswolde Arms. I know the video is ‘on the run’ style, and the room is set up for a conference, but the video is worth watching. Follow the blue Facebook link below:

Facebook Video

LizianEvents Ltd
Greswolde Arms Knowle

We have so much potential in the final three events. Visitors and the Community will love the talks schedules, facilities and attendance lists. The final three shows will be memorable, with plenty of pre-booked tickets sold. Therefore we must not miss any opportunity to promote the trio.

Enjoy the week’s promotions of:

The May-Jestic Well Being Show
The Lincolnshire Well Being Show
Barrie John’s Pure Spirit MBS Show

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