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Hello Everyone,

Darren Stanton:

I thank Darren Stanton for writing such a superb article about why the community works. It was published on Monday, and if you have not read the submission, you are urged to do so! Reading a psychologist’s viewpoint on the community aspect of the Well Being brand is interesting.

Darren Stanton : LizianEvents

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If you have not seen Ian and Sarah’s walk-around video of The Greswolde Arms venue, please have a watch. You can get a natural feel for the venue. Again, high standards and the highest quality rules the choice of where shows are held. Many Community Members see this aspect as a show signature. And although Creativity Connected is organising Sarah’s event, there is a common thread in every aspect. Community and Visitors can expect a superb weekend of well-being and spiritual pleasure. Click the picture below to watch the video:

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During Tuesday’s LizianEvents Live, Ian explained the situation with LizianShop. I’m thankful for the support we have received over the last few weeks following the inaccurate press coverage of the market’s future. We accept the inevitable outcome of the consultations, and I would guess the market will close during the first or second quarter of 2023.

It is easy to become upset with issues like this, but I feel all of us have been subjected to significant upheavals over the last three years. The consensus is our governments, and local authorities are incapable of making sensible choices. Short-term policies become long-term disasters. I’m sure most people think the same way as Ian and I. We desire a simple life with a sound infrastructure. And while the ‘leaders’ pander to the multi-billion dollar corporations, small businesses will inevitably suffer. In the future, our lives will change beyond recognition.

Social Consequences

One of the reasons we are so dedicated to the Community and offering the best standards of business practice is to rebel against the greed seen so often. Our long-term policy is to be a secure place for the Community to thrive and prosper. Quality and real value for money are seen by our Visitors. High standards are vital to the future of The Well Being Brand.

I am proud to write we have fulfilled every promise and objective over the last seven years and will continue to do so. I write without fear that I have no interest in those who dislike how our shows work. Great venues, smooth and excellent organisation, fairness and integrity, are imperative aspects of the long-term future of our shows.

There are difficult times ahead, and it is for the Community and The Well Being Brand to offer safe harbours during harsh storms. And we are proud to have an incredible group of people who understand the objectives. Over the last months, we have seen an incredible upsurge in new Visitors coming to The Well Being Shows. And it is uplifting to talk to old friends and Visitors who acknowledge the unique atmosphere generated during a Well Being Show.

I am in no doubt of the importance of the Community’s input. People talk about our ‘hard work’, but I can assure you, we do a job that is NO more complex than any other. My thanks go out to the Community and the Visitors who make The Well Being Show so popular.

Enjoy your week

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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