One of the best aspects of organising events is working with the Community and potential new exhibitors. We learn about their ideas and experiences. Both are connected; experience becomes ideas, and sometimes the thoughts turn into something magical.

Creativity Connected has come together with our co-partner to produce brilliant events. We use our expertise to organise an event with someone who wishes to become involved in shows of any genre. The arrangement is simple, we organise and liaise with venues and suppliers, and our co-partner promotes the event in their region.

It is a great arrangement that has proven to be a superb formula. We foresee many other people becoming part of the idea. It works on so many levels. We are organising three shows for 2023, a million miles away from the Well-Being starting point. But if a MBS or Well Being show is suggested, we’ll surely take a look and assess its viability.

The co-partner has access to eight years of expertise. They have access to LizianEvents News, our mailing lists and an unbeatable media presence. There is little for the co-partner to do. We process the bookings and look after the financial aspect of the event. And when the show is over, the co-partner receives a detailed breakdown of the accounts of the event and is paid their share immediately.

We can provide live streaming, video and audio recordings of talks and even produce a video of the whole event for future use. There are rear-screen projectors, PA equipment and catering equipment available for events. We also have the necessary insurance and hygiene certificates to make events 100% safe.

So, how does the co-partnership arrangement work for Creativity Connected Ltd? We know many people do not have the time or experience to make a show work. However, they have a network of people and immense knowledge of their locality. And the links can effectively get the show off to a flying start. We gain with the additions to our database, and we can make substantial investments in capital equipment that can be used during shows. For example, powerful projectors, stage lighting, staging areas, catering equipment, trunking, and cabling. If our future move comes to fruition, stocks of tables, chairs and events furniture will be added to the stock lists.

Our plans are working, and there is no doubt people are interested in the co-partnerships. They are profitable and provide a real identity to someone building their ‘brand. Creativity Connected Ltd connects people’s ideas and dreams to success. Being associated with the highest organisational expertise means the co-partner can see long-term profit potential.

So, if you desire to be part of an innovative project. Have an idea for an event. And have the drive to promote in your locality. Use the contact link below and see how Creativity Connected can connect to your dreams.

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