I always like to reflect on a weekend’s event. And my thoughts on The Pure Spirit MBS show are mixed. I confess to reservations about moving from The Lady Eastwood Centre to the Cedric Ford Pavilion. We lose about one-third of the space, but the building has an entirely different feel. The Cedric Ford Pavilion seems to make sense, a closer environment, allowing tighter alignment with the MBS genre. And it is this aspect which carries the argument.

This weekend’s show has to be acknowledged as a great success. Even though the weather slowed footfall on Saturday, the numbers balanced out after Sunday attendance was accounted for. And the weekend attendance was excellent when we took the consistent audience numbers in the mediumistic demonstration room (an average of 56 audience members).

I accept a need to promote the show’s Mind, Body and Spirit aspect to a greater extent. Some may find this a complex statement to resolve. But we should strive to make visitors aware of the floor area. Many traders, therapists, information stands and readers make the mediumistic demonstrations viable. Be confident 2023 plans will address this.

Mind you! This does not take away the certainty most of the people spoken to were happy with their weekend’s trade and accomplishments. No one wins every time, but if one can see progress and improvement in trade, footfall, and the amount of time visitors stay at an event, then all is well.

Of course, the move from Lady Eastwood to Cedric Ford Pavilion will mean a slightly lower number of stalls. But this also means the crossover of products, services, therapists and readers will be less. A good and healthy aspect of the move.

Superb Spiritual Presenters

We are looking forward to the 2023 Pure Spirit Shows. They have great potential, and we will significantly change how the two shows are promoted and organised. I am not writing about these changes at this time. However, as most followers of LizianEvents are aware, adaptation and evolution are at the core of our ethos. Change is good.

Was the show a success? Without a doubt! There is massive scope to heighten awareness and interest in the Pure Spirit MBS brand. And we will be connecting to the many people who have expressed interest in becoming part of this fabulous project.

A Super Community of Traders and Therapists

So, until next year we’ll leave the Pure Spirit MBS Show to rest over winter. I’m sure the brand will strengthen and grow in stature. It has great long-term potential and is gaining many friends. With the interest and following of the incredible number of Community-exhibitors 2023 is looking to be one of success and prosperity. See You There.

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