Congratulations to The Winner of The 2022 Derek Acorah Memorial Award, Rachael Farrow

Rachael Farrow: LizianEvents Ltd

The Derek Acorah Memorial Award Winner
Rachael Farrow

Goodness, what a brilliant group of gifted mediums took part in the 2022 Derek Acorah Memorial Award. The Judges had the most difficult of tasks arriving at a winner. Deliberations took place right up to the moment of the Award! A choice was made, although we can say that every one of the eight mediums was simply superb.

Rachael Farrow is the worthy winner of the Award. She provided fulfilled every aspect of a mediumistic demonstration. Presentation, clarity, messages, and confirmation all came into the demonstration. Rachael provided the audience with 36 minutes of excellent spiritual enlightenment.

The Judges:

Barrie John
“I knew we were in for a weekend of difficult choices. And my suspicions were not proven wrong. I was overwhelmed by the mediumistic abilities of the lineup. As you know, I have worked with the best mediums over the years, including Colin Fry and Derek Acorah. Derek and Colin would be amazed by the eight finalists’ ability and quality messages. In the end, there has to be a winner, and Rachael Farrow deserves the trophy. I know it will bring many years of good fortune to Rachael. I’m looking forward to next year’s event, and we are already receiving nominations. Goodness knows how big this event will be in the future!”

Ian Timothy
“I could not have guessed on the brilliance of this event. What is sure is the quality of messages and inspiration offered to the large audiences this weekend. Some weeks before the show, I realised the event was going to be good. After reading the testimonials provided by the people who made the nominations, I suspected the weekend’s demonstrations would be brilliant. I could not have expected the consistent quality of all who took part. The task of deciding the overall winner was so difficult, but it had to be made Rachael was a worthy winner. I’m pleased we have chosen only to have an outright winner and not second and third places. The following two choices would have taken more time than available. I have enjoyed a fantastic weekend judging the Award. Thank you to all who have made this event possible.”

Last Year’s Winner Sarah May
“I wish Rachael all the very best for 2023. Rachael’s award will open many doors and is a natural stepping stone to any medium’s career. It does not matter if you are already well-established. This award is recognised countrywide. Derek was probably the most recognised of all mediumistic celebrities. He worked with audiences of thousands, and to have won this award places the winner in this same league. I would also comment that the other finalists should not underestimate the fact they were part of the award. I would shout this fact from the highest height! To be part of the Derek Acorah Award is an acclaim of great merit. I will always be proud of my 2021 Derek Acorah Memorial Award. And I know you will be justly proud of your achievement this weekend. Well done.”

Some Pictures From The Award

So to the eight mediums who took part in this year’s award:

There is no order to the selection!

Rick Paul - LizianEvents Ltd

Rick Paul

Like many people involved in the spiritual world, my journey began with the feeling that intuitive feelings were more than imagination. As some of you will know, I had an essential experience as a patient in a hospital. And the experience of talking to a fellow patient one minute and seeing him pass moments later was a real moment of trust. Indeed, I realised later that this was a test and a real opening to my spiritual future.

I have worked tirelessly over the last six years to provide the most authentic expression of the gift of mediumship. And working countrywide has helped me gain the trust of hundreds of clients. I see my mediumistic work as both messenger and healer. And I look forward to the time with my audience in November. Rick

Rachael Farrow

I work for the Ambulance service full-time. Still, I love to engage with Spirit as much as possible when I’m not at work. I have an outstanding development group I meet with most weeks. I have formed a partnership from that and created spiritual connections.

I also work on psychic table nights, passing beautiful Spirit messages and attending regular sessions at my local spiritualist church.

I recently became a Paranormal investigator and found another way to connect to the spirit world. Still, I wouldn’t have done any of these things without the love and support of my mentors and the wonderful people I’ve met on my journey. I thank you all x

Dionne Linnell

Hi, I’m Dionne Linnell, a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Crystal Healer. I run my business, Crystal Clear Healing, full-time from my crystal shop in North Hykeham, Lincoln. 

Working for Spirit, no two days are the same! I provide:

  • 1-2-1 readings (Mediumship & Angel cards).
  • Reiki & crystal healing.
  • Psychic development training.
  • Running spiritual retreats.

I feel so blessed to be able to work for Spirit, and it is a role I take very seriously. It is an absolute privilege and joy to pass on messages from your loved ones in Spirit.

I am honoured to be part of this award…

Laurie Wilton

My journey began when I was seven and heard someone say my name. Unfortunately, I do not have a family who understands or support this belief, so over time. After many years of despair and challenging experiences, I met Stephen. The first person who ever “got me” we were married within two years and had our first child. Which made me see things entirely differently, but something was missing, so I continued visiting spiritual churches and watching mediums.

I visited a local event, a psychic evening, held by the Haunted Heritage group. And here, I met people who offered me the chance to learn about mediumship. And at 43, still, with lots to learn my life feels like it’s where it should be – wholly fulfilled. Simply listening to the universe and the whispers from the unseeable have changed my life for the better!

Yvonne Fielding

I am a natural psychic spiritual medium based in Nottinghamshire. From an early age, I have seen and heard Spirits. I would see people in Spirit and have a conversation with them. Some would call them “invisible” friends. Spirit has always been a big part of my life. Giving support and guidance from the world of Spirit, helping people to enable them to understand and help with their life decisions and helping people with closures where necessary. Spiritual experiences and talents.
I love lifting the veil that separates us to draw the two worlds together. Proving to people that we only step through another door when we pass over.
Every Spirit has a story, whether from a reading, house clearance or ghost walk/hunt. I am happy to help lift the veil and draw the two worlds together. I look forward to connecting with my audience at The Pure Spirit Show.

Carol Wallace

I have always had the “gift, ” even as a child. My first experience was while putting the money in a meter. When the electricity went out, you were in the dark with a candle or a torch. Going into the back room where the electric meter was, I bumped into “a young lady” in a 1920’s servant’s uniform.

For many years I performed platform demonstrations at small spiritual churches. Eventually, working at larger venues, such as old Trafford, with 280+ audiences! I worked at Hyde church with the amazing Gordon Higginson. And with friends such as John Harrop for charity events. I met Derek on the Northern Circuit

Although I don’t do readings at shows, I sometimes give my customers a quick advice/support message or a recently passed loved one asks me to give a message.

Shane Darbey: LizianEvents Ltd

Shane Darbey

Hello, I am a 48yrs old, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Claircognitive Medium & Teacher. Shamanic Practitioner in Native American Drumming & Power Animals, Psychic Tarot Reader. Spiritual Article Writer.

Multiple Award Winning Charity & Community Work. 20 years plus service with Spiritual Church Services and Development Groups. Workshop & Talks Host & Coordinator.

I love my mediumistic work. Healing and giving messages from the spirit world is a rewarding and wonderful experience. Helping people through my career has given me more happiness than one could imagine.

I look forward to my demonstration at The Derek Acorah Memorial Award.

Kirstie Reade: LizianEvents Ltd

Kirsty Reade

My name is Kirsty, and I am the Rainbow Wiccan. I am an initiated Priestess of Anubis and Death Priestess of Avalon with the Goddess Temple. I have recently begun my journey to become a Priestess of Cerridwen.

I am a very loud, proud and colourful Wiccan Witch specialising in tarot. I like to develop and research other forms of divination. I enjoy doing ancestor readings, where the ancient past can come back for a visit.

My other specialities include past life regression, crystal healing, ceremonialist work, celebrating the rites of passage in life and teaching about the pagan pathways through workshops.
I enjoy helping people on their magical journeys and helping them to try and find answers to questions.

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