Hello, Everyone,

Thank you for your many words of support concerning the criticism of Derek’s Memorial Award process. I could not have anticipated how deep people’s feelings are about the issue. As you know, an individual attempted to level the proceedings by comparing the event’s process to the so-called “established” methodology! Well, I can write with certainty many people disagree with the criticism. I’ll keep you posted if there is any further nonsense 🙂 And we will leave this episode firmly behind.

I can write without a second thought; I doubt if I have encountered a week of sublime highs and a dark pool of uncertainty. The highs come from the final year accounts for LizianEvents, and we are firmly ready for 2023. Once again, we can pay ahead for venues and continue to provide zero deposit terms for our Community.

Barrie, Ian and I decided to change the first Pure Spirit MBS date. Well, we had to! King Charles’s coronation is booked for the original date. So, The Pure Spirit MBS is now 10 + 11 June, And yes! I know this is the week following The Lincolnshire Well Being Show, so, Community, you are in for almost giveaway stand fees!

The low?

An almost perfect shop in the city centre had become available, and we were ready to move the LizianShop to a new home. Contracts were being reviewed, and on Friday morning, our solicitor called, “Liz, I strongly advise you not to sign this contract. It has an entire repair clause. This means you will have to repair all existing faults on surrendering the 10-year term. This could mean repairs to existing faults running into tens of thousands.” So we are back to square one with the LizianShop situation. We already chose to continue trading if the market is closed. However, the search, which we believe was over, is now renewed. We have to reaccess the situation every week. But it is something we could well do without.

Fulfilling Promises:

A customer was amazed when I discounted a Geode to around 300 this week. And Ian loves saying to customers, “I’ll take five pounds off the total!” In truth, we are tired of businesses coming into the city at Christmas and harvesting the season of goodwill for their benefit. We trade throughout the year and have to keep a presence. This year we intend to hammer the prices and give our customers brilliant deals. I wrote about this last week. Keep an eye on LizianShop pages for the next three weeks because if you desire to buy crystals and esoteric goods, the deal is on. I make zero apologies to the people who are trading anywhere in Nottingham. My loyalty is with our customers…

Enjoy your week

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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