Liz often has questions asked about Reiki and she has asked for this article to be republished..

Compleating Liz Clark’s ‘Reiki Thoughts’ series of articles. Liz replies to some of the questions received over the last few weeks. We have chosen to make the name of those who asked the questions anonymous.

Can You Self Attune?

As you have read throughout the series of articles, my feeling is meditation or considering the potential of Universal Healing Energy (UHE) is sufficient to become influenced or helped by the energy. The Reiki system is learning how to become a conduit of UHE, and therefore, there is a teacher-student relationship. So, Reiki attunements should be done with supervision.

Is Reiki Dangerous?

I know my answer will be contentious! But the Reiki system is time-tested, and the only negative aspects come from a heightened imagination of the client. I once spoke to a Reiki practitioner who said Reiki should never be used with people suffering from diabetes, leukaemia, or dementia. When I asked for the reasoning behind her opinion, she offered no support for her warning. I would be content to work with anyone who is ill. Although I will not work with those who suffer from mental illness, it is easy for someone with this type of illness to misinterpret feelings and sensations after a healing session.

Do I Need Insurance?

Good Question. A company called Balens (easily found on the internet) will provide insurance for holistic therapists. It is not expensive, so you may as well invest in the added security of practitioner insurance. But make sure you have public liability insurance if you work at an event or have a practice clinic or healing room. If your client falls off the couch and breaks a leg, there will be financial implications. Incidentally, this is one of the reasons I always work with my clients who sit on comfortable upright chairs.

How Much Does it Cost to Attune?

How long is a piece of string? I know of two Reiki practitioners attune for the price of their expenses. Some schools in America highlight the lineage back to Usui and charge thousands of dollars. Well, all Reiki master’s lineage goes back to Dr Usui! I feel you will find the right teacher at the price you can afford. Some schools (Such as Nottingham Reiki) have weekly classes where a small fee is charged to cover the venue and administration expenses, and the lessons take place over several weeks. This is a brilliant compromise and is evidence of high integrity and ethos. Some of you will happily pay a premium price for one-to-one teaching. All is choice, and remember, ‘When the pupil is ready, the teacher will become known.’

Can I Charge For Treatments?

I have always asked clients to pay what they can afford. And always have been happy with this arrangement. A remarkable healer Kerry Johnson, used to have a stack of envelopes next to her contribution box. Clients were invited to make a contribution. I asked her once if the system worked at shows, and she answered, ‘I always cover my overheads and make a decent profit.’ Some people do not charge and enjoy helping others. Of course, if you have constant overheads, they must be covered, so charge accordingly. In the early days of building a Reiki practice, the suggestion is to let people know the healing journey has started and ask for a small contribution.

Can I Take a Break From Healing?

The answer is yes. And the lesson here is one should take a few weeks of breaks over the year. Do not become obsessed with helping others. While this is a commendable attitude, you’ll become tired and worn out, and the practice will no longer bring rewards of fulfilment and inner reward.

Is Healing Dangerous?

How can working in the ‘light’ of the great healers be anything other than good? There is no danger in working with or harnessing Universal Healing Energy. Any who talks of darkness and protection before healing another has not been taught well or not understood the ability to help others is only right and good and within the light of love. Pure kindness and love are the force of healing energy. This is the true wisdom of the healer. Any who says they feel drained or ill after a healing session should seek the help of a recognised teacher, who will guide them in the correct practice.

I have enjoyed writing this series of articles over the last months. The emails and comments indicate that many of you have also enjoyed them. Thank you for your support and interest.

Liz Clark

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