The point of no return is the point beyond which one must continue on one’s current course of action because turning back is dangerous, physically impossible or complex, or prohibitively expensive. The point of no return can be calculated during a continuous action such as a Trans Atlantic air flight. A particular irreversible action (such as signing a contract) can be a point of no return.

There are many aspects to the no-return aspects of life, and here I will write about the lessons learned when mistakes are made. And the way friends and family are taken advantage of and inevitably pushed past the point of no return. I watched a family member being run ragged by her sister. Beginning with occasional help on the school run, the favours became afternoon child care. It would not have been so bad if the mother had offered her sister some money, and she has plenty of that commodity.

One afternoon the children were not picked up from school, which resulted in their father having to leave work and collected the twins. All hell broke loose. Accusations of not caring and irresponsibility were directed at the hapless sister. A breaking point had been reached. A final blow was when the parents could not accept the reason for the failure to collect the twins. Her handbag had been stolen, no keys, no phone.

I listen to the tale at a family function. When defending the hard done by my sister, I also became the family’s enemy. I decided to burn my boat and get on with life. Realising the parents were really griping about the fact they now had to employ a nanny. Money is at the root of the situation, and the parents have lost two previously faithful family members. Let’s face it; parental responsibility is with the parents.

Is this an extreme outcome of a simple issue? A matter of opinion and no specific answer. However, there is an essential aspect of self-respect and damage to confidence to consider. When people take advantage and fail to recognise the kindness of others, they become aggrieved when the assistance comes to an end: often an abrupt end.

When boats are burned, there is no way to return to the previous situation, and in many cases not a bad situation. Accepted the story above is not rare, and many similar family and friend situations will mirror the eventual outcome of taking advantage of generous people. This article is not about learning lessons and ensuring one does not take advantage of people. No, I am suggesting burning a situation boat is a magnificent way to personal freedom and happiness. I’ll go; further; I do not think there is a need to explain the reasons why one chooses to say ‘Goodbye; this is not a good memory.’ Why shouldn’t we be free from slavery, being taken advantage of, or being treated with contempt?’

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How do we burn the boat?

There is a simple meditation which helps to close situations where people are taking advantage. Close one’s eyes and visualise a notebook. Within the book is a record of the sorry episode. One can read through the pages. And see the illustrations or images. Now choose to close the book and set it alight. Watch it burn as the flames consume the tired old story and begin to acknowledge the freedom and new future ahead. You have done enough without respect or praise for the hard work and sacrifice of the past. Now sit and think about the new beginnings. And remember, there is NO need for justification or explanation. It is your life, your future, and your happiness. This simple mediation can be repeated until the dark spell is broken. And be sure, you will become free.

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