Pure Spirit Mind Body Spirit Show
25 + 26 November
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground

Open and Close Times
10:00 ~ 17:00 Saturday
10:00 ~ 16:00 Sunday

51+ Attending Community Members
30+ Presentations

It looks like this is GOING to be a fabulous show. Over 50 exhibitors are standing, and at least ten more people are to confirm. The stage is set to produce a superb event. A natural Mind, Body, and Spirit Show. We have numerous talks scheduled over the weekend. Come along and enjoy the most fabulous MBS show imaginable: psychic mediums, esoteric goods, and a superb range of talks and presentations. What more could you ask of a traditional MBS show?

Board Spectrum of Exhibitors

This event is a dedicated Mind, Body and Spirit genre focused on all aspects of spirituality. The Pure Spirit Event is all about the traditional elements of this much-loved genre. Visitors will meet and talk with mediums and psychics and enjoy aspects of spiritual healing. The community Members’ line-up is well known in the MBS arena. The Pure Spirit Event will bring magical moments and spiritual ideas.

Exhibitor List – Fifty-One as of 21 November – More to be confirmed

1 in 4 Revolutionaries – Mental Health Awareness
Art to Inspire
Barrie John Medium
Brown Bear Therapies
Campbell Wallace ‘Second Chance’
Chakra Balance Reiki
Counselling with Cartouche
Crystal Carols
Crystal Cave Online
Dance of Life
Darren Stanton
Druzy Moonz
Elemental Balance
Enchanted Wolds Aromatherapy
Ethically Gifted
Feet First Reflexology
Gift Naturals
Gillibobs crystal-infused comforters
Gill Moore Spiritual Healing & Reiki
Grace Gabriella, Author
Hands R4 Healing
Harmony of Soul
Haunted Antiques Museum
Hedera Herbal Medicine & Holistic Therapies
Holistic Readings with Jacqui
Holistic Reflexology
Innerlight Hypnotherapy
Jayne Denham, Mind Body and Soul
Joules Medium and Healer
KMA Massage Treatment
Lisa Davies, Author
Matrix Drops Computer Scan
Mystic Christine
Native American Traditions
Nicola Tonsager Soul Signatures
Orgone Meditation Pyramids
Pyramid Lady, The
Rachael Farrow, Reader
Richard’s Sound Therapy
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium
Sanctuary Reflexology & Seated Massage
Sarah May
Self Help CDs
SeQuential Wellness
Shirley Ann
Stephanie J King Author, Soulpreneur
Stuff By Rox
The Urban Monk

The Talks Schedule

The President’s Suite

Wow! What a line-up!
There is every reason to visit this fantastic event. Not only will you engage with a superb group of people devoted to the Mind, Body and Spirit genre of events. You can also become part of the amazing talks schedule. Immerse yourself in MBS knowledge, wisdom and understanding. See you there!

Saturday 25 November

President’s Suite – first floor:

11am  Richard Hissitt – Richard’s Sound Therapy
Demonstration of Sound Therapy 
Richard will demonstrate the healing power of sound using his ‘sound tubes’.  If you love sound therapy you’ll enjoy this session.  Richard is bringing his melodic sound tubes into the room for this 30 minute presentation about sound, healing and how certain notes and vibrations can benefit mind and body. 
12noon  Jayne Denham – Learn to Live in Love and not Fear!
Jayne will be talking about all things love, loss, bereavement, navigating grief, healing, spirit, energy work, human emotions, studying, fun and fundraising and learning to live in love and not fear!! 
1pm  Mark Judge – Brown Bear Therapies
The medicine wheel 
An introduction to what shamanism is, a little bit about Toltec shamans and their teachings and shamanism worldwide.
2pm  Mike – Crystal Cave
Presili Blue Stone
Join Mike as he presents a fascinating talk about Preseli Bluestone – A journey of exploration into this fascinating shamanic stone famously used at Stonehenge and sourced only from one Welsh Source. A look at its origins, Stonehenge and how you can use this in your own crystal practice. 
3pm  Stephanie J King – Author ‘And So It Begins’ & Soulpreneur

Life is on your side – because when you’re giving your best, when you are happy, you send better energy back – via your personal vibrations – into the real time live matrix. The more good energy you send – the more reflects back – until you find you’re living your own greater goals – and you’re working yet growing potential – Join Stephanie for this fascinating insight.
4pm  Carol Wallace – Crystal Carols 
Mediumship Demonstrations
A rare opportunity to see Carol perform a mediumistic demonstration with a ‘crystal’ twist – please be prompt, no admittance after 4.05pm.  

Ground Floor Talk Area – Reception

11am  Paul Willcock – Hands R4 Healing
Join Paul for a healing meditation to start the day
11.30am  Jacqui – Holistic Readings
Moon Phases 
Join Jacqui for an introduction to the moon phases, associated rituals that can be used, corresponding planets for the days of the week and the relative sun signs.
12noon  Darren Stanton – TV Psychologist
The UK’s favourite television and radio psychologist will be talking about his years investigating paranormal activity.
12.30 Peter Wall – Past Life Regression (PLR)
It is accurate to say that Peter Wall is the country’s foremost expert in PLR.  Peter started investigating the phenomenon over 20 years ago and has conducted thousands of PLR sessions.  In this short presentation, Peter will talk about the process, its therapeutic aspects and finally you’ll enjoy some amusing anecdotes.  Don’t miss this rare occasion to listen to Peter. 
1pm  Carol Wallace – Crystal Carols 
Working with your Crystals
  In this presentation Carol introduces to you the basic principles of crystal healing, and how you can start this wondrous journey.  In this half hour, Melody Accredited Teacher, Carol,  shares her knowledge and suggests different ways to select and use your crystals 
1.30pm  Gary Whitt – The Urban Monk 
Transformation and Change
Gary, ‘The Urban Monk’, talks about his transformational journey across the USA and relates how we can all transform our lives to live better.
2pm  Debbie Newman – SeQuential Wellness
Are You Living Aligned With YOUR Soul’s Purpose?
Understand what Living Aligned with YOUR Soul’s Purpose means for you.  We’ll discuss the pieces of the puzzle you need to help discover your purpose and also the signs and patterns to look out for, helping guide you to recognise your purposeful path. We’ll delve into the impact of beliefs and old programming on your journey towards alignment, and how you can break free from those limitations. You’ll explore and come away with a piece of your soul purpose puzzle, helping inspire you to start embarking on your pathway to living aligned with YOUR purpose.
2.30pm Rosalind Johnson – Hedera Herbal Medicine and Holistic Therapies
Reiki – A journey of spiritual development

Have you heard of Reiki and don’t know much about it? Thought about being attuned to reiki and want to start your journey? Maybe you’re a bit of a sceptic or have just heard about reiki and want to know more? Then this talk is for you.
3pm  Alan Wood – Native American Traditions
Alan travels to the USA to meet with the Native American Tribes.  He has gained an enviable relationship with the inner circles, and  been given permission to pass on his learnings and experiences.  Today Alan talks about the Native American Tribes, their traditions and sacred practices.  Followed by Sage Smudging Ceremony outside – weather permitting.

Sunday 26 November

President’s Suite – first floor:

11am  Rick Paul Spiritual Counsellor and Medium 
My Journey & How I work with Spirit – Talk and Demonstration
Rick speaks about his journey through life and how he blends his everyday life with his spiritual work.  Here he connects with Spirit and delivers messages to the audience.
12noon Richard Hissitt – Richard’s Sound Therapy
Demonstration of Sound Therapy 
Richard will demonstrate the healing power of sound using his ‘sound tubes’.  If you love sound therapy you’ll enjoy this session.  Richard is bringing his melodic sound tubes into the room for this 30 minute presentation about sound, healing and the way certain notes and vibrations can have beneficial outcomes for mind and body. 
1pm Nicola Tonsager – Soul is the New Spirituality
Why leading with soul connects us more deeply to our personal and collective spiritual philosophy and supports the fuller/ wider potential.  Through understanding that soul is a collective and objective rather than personal energy, with a purpose of its own, we support getting out of our own way, releasing self imposed limitations and enabling us to live and create within life with a deeper, centred presence of joy and fulfilment. As energy changes and the difference between different vibrations lessens, we start to allow everything to work through us and for us in an easier, more fluid way and in a way which brings us back to the heart of our journey, which is the experience of ourselves – personally and divinely – within life
2pm  Lisa Davies – Storytelling with the Tarot
Storytelling with the tarot – Your magical journey of discovery
Storytelling is an ancient art that has been practised by humans for millennia. It is a way of expressing ourselves, connecting with others and exploring the mysteries of life.
Storytelling can also be a powerful tool for personal growth, creativity and transformation. 
In this talk Lisa explores the link between crafting stories and using the tarot, that can heal, empower and enlighten.
The tarot is a personal coach in a box, depicting archetypal images,  symbols and themes that resonate with our subconscious mind. The tarot can help us access our intuition, imagination and emotions and reveal our lives’ hidden patterns and potentials.  Storytelling with the tarot is more than just a technique. It is a journey of self-discovery, expression and transformation. It is a way of tapping into the magic and mystery of the tarot and the stories that lie within us.
(Bringing a notebook, or paper and pen will be helpful
3pm  Joules Medium & Healer
Connections with Spirits  
Join Julie  ‘Joules’  for a fascinating talk and mediumship demonstration.

Ground Floor Talk Area – Reception

11am  Paul Willcock – Hands R4 Healing

Join Paul for a healing meditation to start the day
11.30am  Darren Stanton – TV psychologist
Join Darren as he talks about the psychological aspects of truth and deception and how to deal with people who choose to use deceit to navigate life.
12noon  Ben & Louisa Winfield – Demonology 
Destroying the Myth
Baal, Pazuzu, Asmonday, Zozo, Lilith, and Satan
You have heard the names in films and TV shows, but how much of their history do we really know?  How far is Hollywood from the truth?
Join Ben and Louisa as they take you through the history and origin of the famous demons.  
12.30  Di Wall – Counselling With Cartouche
Things That go Bump in the Night
Join Di Wall and hear about her experiences and happenings she has encountered during her life – not all can be explained!
1pm  Gary Whitt – The Urban Monk 
Transformation and Change
Gary, ‘The Urban Monk’, talks about his transformational journey across the USA and relates how we can all transform our lives to live better.
1.30pm  Neil Packer – Haunted Antiques Museum
Infor to follow
2pm  Mike – Crystal Cave 
Crystals and Ethics – Fakes and pitfalls
An open forum discussion around the problems of fakes, enhancements, and misrepresentations in the crystal marketplace. Some review of common deceptive practices and how to avoid them. An honest discussion to explore some of the problems of ethicality in the supply chain and what we can do to try and ensure that our purchases are not fuelling exploitative practices.
2.30pm  Don & Carol Harrodine – Dance of Life 
Sufi Mysticism through Nature the Elements and Breath.
What is Sufism? How can we use Nature and the Elements in our everyday life? Come and find out: learn Sufi Breathing and Meditation techniques that will help you towards a better life. Learn the secret of Fikar: a word or sentence put onto the breath!

Alternative and Spiritual Healing

More people are investigating the aspects of holistic healing than ever before! While traditional allopathic medicine is curing millions of people daily, many love to complement their treatments with spiritual healing and complementary methods. While visiting The Pure Spirit MBS Show, talk with a healer and experience a taster or complete treatment. You will definitely feel better after a massage or healing meditation.

Medium Demonstrations and Readers

Part of the event will be mediumistic demonstrations, and many readers and spiritual counsellors are at this event. If you love readings and mediumistic connections, there is no better place to find the right connection.

Music and Meditations

Presentations focussed on everything esoteric. For example, you will enjoy mediumistic demonstrations, Reiki shares and spiritual healing sessions. We will also enjoy rituals presented by Alan Wood of Native American Smudging Rituals.

Talks Schedule

The Pure Spirit MBS Show cannot be without an extensive talk schedule. The subjects covered are varied and exciting. How do crystals work? Is there an afterlife? What is colour healing? Animal communication and group smudging ceremonies are only part of the information you’ll discover during your visit. Many visitors come to the show with the presentations foremost on their minds. Is there any need to wonder why? The amount of spiritual knowledge, wisdom and understanding is second to none. Visitors will leave the event with much to think about. The spiritual journey is profound and enlightening. And all talks and demonstrations are free!


No Mind Body Spirit Show could be without many retail outlets. Retail exhibitors carry a vast range of stock. For example, everything from ethically sourced gifts, incense, fragrance oils, essential oils, cosmetics and clothing to crystals and silver jewellery is available. All are reasonably priced and of high quality.

Relisten to the announcement in this podcast:

You will learn about the Pure Spirit Shows’ ethos and the award’s beginnings. The podcast was recorded in 2020 but is still an exciting interview.

About Barrie John

Your Host

One of our best-loved Mediums, Mr Barrie John, is your host for the weekend. He is approachable and interactive with Visitors and The Community of Exhibitors. Barrie is so enthusiastic about this event. He has worked at many events countrywide together, and we have produced an event with significant changes to the format. Everyone will work together to make the best of these exceptional times. Never has there been a greater need to revisit or reconnect to our spiritual values.


As many of us know, Barrie is the King of paranormal investigations. Working as a show medium on television’s Most Haunted: Barrie has established himself as the ‘expert’ in the field. Therefore, paranormal groups and businesses are welcome to become part of this fantastic event.

Barrie John: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Mr Barrie John

Barrie comments:

“It is essential for the growth of Pure Spirit that the markets embellish the highest of spiritual principles. Our Visitors will know from the outset that the organisers of the markets respect their presence. If we are to keep Visitors, we must care for their enjoyment of every market. To this end, I will make every change needed to make the Pure Spirit Market a brand loved by all who attended the old-style MBS events”.

Barrie’s twenty-five years of involvement in Mind, Body and Spirit, Paranormal and Mediumistic demonstrations must indicate to Visitors they are in for a fantastic Pure Spirit Experience. He has worked with the most excellent mediums this country has produced: Mr Derek Achorah and Mr Colin Fry. Barrie has enjoyed years of television and radio popularity, and demand for his stage demonstrations grows. We must accept these connections must contribute to the quality of The Pure Spirit Events.

Promotion and Connections:

Barrie decided to bring in the established expertise of LizianEvents to organise the show and its development. The organisation is building an excellent reputation for hosting first-class shows. Their connections and media presence make sense. With excellent facilities to produce videos, audio media, podcasts and web design, everyone involved in Pure Spirit can only benefit from LizianEvent’s expertise. This ability to connect is especially crucial for Community Exhibitors who can be confident the shows are not just a venue hire venture. Pure Spirit will be 365 days connected. Visitors and Community Exhibitors will have a brilliant network. No doubt LizianEvents Organisation’s ability to make running shows, events and markets easy and memorable for all who participate.

No Doubting The Future:

Come and join Barrie at The Pure Spirit Shows: Become a Community Exhibitor and take advantage of the immense conduit of connections. Barrie John: And LizianEvents combine to provide all involved with a thriving, progressive new style. Barrie insists on the best venues and affordable stand fees. Anyone who becomes part of Pure Spirit will enter a new era of Spiritual success. You can be assured there are many opportunities available for everyone to prosper. Show Ambassadors are a new show idea.

Barrie’s final words:

“Join me in this new venture. I want all of us to be part of a beautiful, spiritually-centred concept. I’m looking forward to working with new and inspirational people. You will know if Pure Spirit will work for you: I assure you of my dedication to your future and success”.
Barrie John.

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