Lincoln Well Being Show

Focus on The Lincoln Well Being Show

4 – 5 November
Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Showground
Grange – de – Lings

This show will be our second at the fabulous Epic Centre. It is a modern building purpose designed for shows, promotions and events. It is, of course, a premier venue which is ecologically friendly. Innovations such a recycled water in the toilet facilities, to controlled energy consumption make the venue perfect for our ethos and objectives.

The Community work toward a harmonious atmosphere and giving their visitors the very best Well Being experience. When the venue feels good; the work is made more comfortable and more enjoyable. We (The Community) are building an enviable reputation for quality, creative expression and ability. The atmosphere of the shows has to be experienced to be believed. It is only when people work to a common purpose and bond together in harmony does this phenomenon occur.

The sixty plus people who will gather together at the Lincoln Show will demonstrate the very best of human purpose. The purpose and objective is to help their fellow humans find peace and happiness in their life journey.  No one is making any extraordinary claims, or pretending miracles will happen. They all know if a visitor sees’s people secured by a unified purpose, the visitor will gain by being within their presence. In a World where many factions argue and attempt to rise to a superior position, it is simply fantastic, to enter an environment where the purpose is for all to succeed. Whether Community member or visitor the goal of being at the show is to find Well Being.

A visitor should consider the effort each Community Member puts into their part of the show. At the most basic level, each show will take four days of their time. Friday to prepare and set up, Saturday and Sunday they work for ten to twelve hours on the floor, and Monday is taken with unloading cars and vans and storing the equipment and stock for the next show. There are of course variables. However, this is the primary commitment.

For most, the commitment goes further, between each show there is their stock to review, buy or make. For people like Judith Watson and Norman Ogden, there are health and hygiene and regulations to contend with, and this is before they have to formulate their unique and popular products. The Community members who sell unique gifts and ethically sourced gifts spend tens of hours finding the best products for the visitors. We have at least five exhibitors who travel to Asia, United States and Europe to source their products.

The Healers and Therapists have qualifications which take time and money to attain. Many travel immense distances to attend the right courses and work with the best teachers. The regulations with which they have to comply are becoming tighter and require more than a ‘nod’ to the authorities which enforce the rules. The Community Members who sell supplements have their work made more difficult with legislation which bars them from providing empirical evidence that their products work.

The ‘Readers’ are no longer pantomime players who read tea leaves from the back of a caravan. Gypsy Rose Lee has at least 500 ‘fortune teller’ daughters or relatives. Goodness knows how she had time to polish her crystal ball; she must have at least 200 daughters. No, today’s ‘Reader’ is most often a highly qualified counsellor or psychologist. The very experienced reader will have worked with hundreds of clients. Their understanding of real-life problems and how to deal with them are second to none. I would prefer to call ‘Readers’ Life Consultant’s because this is how I see their work, maybe I will change the listings on our website to reflect my certainty, many make major differences to their client’s lives.

The LizianEvents Community are aware of the importance of working together. They are also mindful Liz and I do not give false hopes or make extraordinary claims, we are not ‘the best’ or have ‘all the answers’ we are not ‘all things to all men’. In fact, we are less than 1/65 of the equation, of each show. You may ask ‘How so?’

I answer this if the accumulated hours of the Community’s commitment is added together. The total will outstrip our contribution many time over. LizianEvents is not the show The Community, who invest their money and time and trust our business acumen is the Well Being Show.

All Articles until the 4th of November will be about The Community and their Show.

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