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I mention the Community Retailer in an earlier article. Those who know me will recognise this article is close to my heart. Liz and I have a small retail unit in the Nottingham Victoria Centre. It is also where we carry out much of our LizianEvents administration. I like the atmosphere, and the customers keep us on our toes. Not only this the stall connects us to many hundreds of people who follow our work and the events. Liz and I are beginning to see and listen to people who visit The Community Shows, and the feedback is superb and motivating.

Readers know we worked at many events over the years. We continue to exhibit at Erick Henderson’s brilliant Mansfield Show, and therefore there is a live connection to retail and the uniqueness of the products sold during events. We are still in touch with the experience of weekend trading.

Over the years Liz and I have ample opportunity as stall holders to see problems were waiting around the corner of time. Crossover of goods became something which many believed helped them pay overheads, truth to tell it, the practice had an opposite effect. It is essential to consider many find this a problematic policy. The answer is the last six months evidence the no crossover policy is working very well for our Community. For the idea to work well, we have to help The Community by limiting the number of stalls. It is the only way they can prosper. And this is a delicate balance because the visitor needs to have a worthwhile visit to the Show.

A Community Member mentions she believed other events were benefitting due to our ideas and changes; I hope this is accurate. I doubt the crossover will be enforced by others and in truth this is good, people should follow their convictions. Change can have many knocks on effects, so those who say firm with their ideas demonstrate conviction of principals. Incidentally, I have no interest in the methods of other and how they work or present businesses. We follow our path and will establish our own identity; I watched first hand the stagnation over many years if there are any changes I feel our Community are the lamplighters who have lit the way ahead.

The standard of The Community Retailers is top class, their products are the highest quality and sensibly priced. The presentation looks great and captivates the visitor’s awareness. When the visitor views the retail stalls; they should consider many of The Community members travel across Europe and even thousands of miles across the World to find their stock. Crystals from America, wands from Goa, silver jewellery special made in India, gemstones cut and polished in SriLanka. The visitor will find retailers who have products made in the Himalayas and singing bowls produced in Tibet.

The individual and specialist retailers know their stock and their customer’s requirements.They understand the importance of providing exceptional quality goods which are sensibly priced. They work with the highest degree of business acumen and integrity. Most have websites, and all can be contacted through our website.

When visiting our shows, take your time to look carefully at all the retail stalls. There are many hidden gifts that are missed by a casual glance. Talk to the Community Retailer; you will discover they have great characters and personalities. And as you talk to them you will find their enthusiasm to provide the very best for the customer. When a purchase is made, the object holds more than its purpose. The object, be it gift or ornament carries within it a story, the story of when it was purchased and the memory to the individual who sold it to you. The items are chosen with thought and care, and this is why they are unique. In some strange way, this is why many of the things we buy have more than one meaning or purpose.

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