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Eliza Hodge
Eliza Hodge

I do not apologise for writing this article about our Community’s Therapists. There is a need for the visitor to have an insight into the material commitment of the therapist. Most will not write or talk about this subject, and there is a requirement for the visitor to have a deeper understanding of the commitment of these incredible people.

For the therapist to attend a show, there is significant financial commitment. Many visitors would be surprised to discover the cost of attending a show can be 300 pounds or more. How so?

The four expenses are: –
Stand fees.

Do not forget these are two days either side of a show. Many attendees travel the day before, and the hotel costs can be a financial burden, even if the room is booked well in advance.

I have already written about the cost of training and qualifications. Here we consider the actual cost of attending. LizianEvents has a policy that every genre or type of skill has its price per table. So all therapists pay the same amount for their stall. This is why you will find the fees charged by therapists are very similar.

The fees charged for treatment are in fact very reasonable indeed. Consider how many treatments the therapist has to give to cover their weekend expenses. From a personal standpoint, I would not consider any of the treatments expense. Allow me to make a comparison; a meal for two people and a bottle of wine can cost three times the price of treatment. People spend sixty pounds or more on a two-hour eating experience. A visit to the cinema is upward of 15 per person. These are two examples of how much people are prepared to spend without a second thought. Are therapist fees expensive? Not by these benchmarks.

This second part of the article is short and to the point. It is intentionally written to be concise because it will have more impact on the reader. There is a requirement for me to remind the reader why I wrote the article.

The therapist has always been reticent to talk about their fee’s. Most holistic healers feel their work and money should not be mentioned together in a conversation. To my mind, this reticence is an indication of their integrity and the ‘higher’ nature of their work.

It is important for our visitors to be aware of the dedication and commitment of the Holistic Healer. There is a delicate balance between the material commitment and the love of their work. I would ask everyone who enjoys the benefit of treatment, massage or healing to remember: The fee paid for a treatment offers tremendous value for money, in many cases, the price is less than a two-course meal and a glass of wine. Remember, during your therapy session you will be cared for after by extraordinary human beings who care for your Well Being.

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