Friday – Set Up – Lincoln

Set Up Times

The set up for the show is 14:00 until 19:00 – Be aware it is important to arrive before 17:00 as the fireworks display means gate ONE is closed after 17:00 – There is curfew until 18:45 and this is when those who have set up will be able to leave.

There is little more to do than welcome the Community to the Epic Centre. We will arrive around one and will be here until seven in this evening. The final show of what has turned out to be an eventful year. Every one of our Community knows we had a monumental task ahead of us, and nearly 100 people have worked together to get us here today.

One hundred? In fact, it is probably more, we have 83 firm Community Members, and many do not stand alone. And we have the staff of the venues and our four stalwart assistants to add to the equation. Yes, there will be over a hundred people involved in this year’s events.

Liz and I are under no illusions. Without the commitments from The Community and the venue operators, the doors would not open on tomorrow’s show. I am aware of the immense investment in money and time made by The Community. No words can express the gratitude we feel and acknowledge for the trust given to us by so many people.

The astute reader will realise I am referring to this show as a tipping point. From my perspective, I feel the effort of this large group of people, is making a monument impression all who encounter their endeavours. The word is momentum. The Community is leaving great memories in the minds of the visitors.

A successful show has nothing to do with the numbers through the door. It is easy to think visitors indicate success. To my mind, it is tens of emails which say ‘Incredible’ ‘Brilliant mix of exhibitors’ ‘Fantastic atmosphere’ – And no organiser does this, not a one. The people who pay for the event make the show; this is why Liz and I say ‘When the doors open you take possession of the event’.

I will be able to give exact attendance figures on Monday. The total numbers for this year will provide us with a target for 2018. With the two major events at Lincoln next year we will look to triple the attendance of this year. Exciting times ahead and in 365 days time all will be able to judge our progress.

Our work is complete – The Community takes possession of their show.

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