Rick Paul’s Incredible Progress

I continually walk the floor of each show and talk to visitors and community members. It is easy to interview visitors and more challenging to interview community members during the shows. The reason is simple: The shows are becoming busier and this changes who and when I can talk interviewees.

To remind the reader, earlier in the year Rick became a member of the LizianEvents Community. During the months Rick has grown in stature and visitor awareness. It seems he is destined for significant progress and recognition during 2018. I feel we should take a third look at his work and how he has achieved his goals.

I found it near impossible to interview Rick at the final show of the year at Lincoln. Each time I looked to find three or four minutes for a progress report, he had a client sitting at his table. There was a video interview to record pre-show with Michelle Durrant on Sunday morning so this time was already taken, and Saturday is difficult with set-up and administration. Therefore, the only opportunity was to find a few minutes during the show. A mission which proved impossible.

The first question is often: ‘How is everything progressing?’ A few questions follow on from this, and each short interview is done. This article is based on the comments I listen to from Rick’s clients and his comments on FaceBook page and website.

I ask visitors ‘Have you had a reading today’ and follow with ‘could I ask if you enjoyed your reading?’ In this way, people will provide an insight into their experience. Over the weekend I spoke to four of Ricks clients, and their enthusiasm for their ‘reading’ is overwhelming.

‘He’s clear and precise in his reading’.
‘You can sense he cares about his work’.
‘Rick will not answer if he doesn’t know the answer’.

A lady commented: ‘The reading seemed to build over the half hours or so into a great picture of where I was a few months back and where I am today. Without talking about the personal aspects of the reading, I’d say he’d given me the confidence to choose my spiritual journey. Another thing about Rick is his attitude and personality. The reading is relaxed and joyous. He’s a nice man, and I’d defiantly have another reading with him’.

High praise indeed. In fairness, you only have to watch a Rick at work to see his clients are enjoying their reading. Smiles and concentrated listening by the client is the best evidence of all. I watched this during Rick’s fascinating talk/demonstration. The audience is locked into his words and messages. He begins with a brief introduction; he talks about his past, his spiritual awareness and how he see’s the present and near future. During the conversation (the best way to describe the talk) Rick receives exciting messages. I can comment with conviction a message he gave to a young man at Newark is proven to be 100% accurate three months later!

Rick has time for everyone and not a wrong word about anyone. How about this for a testimonial? He is generous with his praise of fellow spiritual mediums and healers. His does not judge or comment on anyone’s life journey. Rick accepted we have different ideas and beliefs, an attitude essential to this genre of work.

Anyone who wonders about how he has succeeded should find a definitive answer with the word ‘objective’. Rick’s objectives are to excel with his gift, and the gift is to become his vocation. There is no doubt he will achieve this goal. How do we know this? Because he is dedicated to the objective: he doesn’t see his work as part-time or something to be played with, he see’s his gift as real and purposeful. Rick know’s he can help people in their difficult times, help them celebrate the good, allay their spiritual doubts and guide them in their spiritual quests. His work is focussed on these ideas and this one reason why he is making incredible progress.

Another reason is ‘interaction’ – Rick interacts and communicates with everyone who knows him. He enjoys utilising social media to its best advantage. Notice the critical word ‘enjoys’, Rick doesn’t interact in an half hearted way: he communicates because he has a genuine love of people and his work. Rick is a sharer and sharing is key to success in any venture.

Those who consider spiritual work is supported by divine intervention should think again. No human receives a cheque from the God. No human gets anything without effort or dedication. No human receives recognition without directing energy towards their objective. The most spiritual man I know sews and repairs clothes each day to earn his living. He would overwhelm most ‘spiritual gurus’ with the depth and breadth of his wisdom and understanding. I asked him once about his opinion of money: he answered: ‘God provides everything, there are thousands of millionaires who have faith, faith does not bar you from earning a living’.

I feel sure Rick understands the importance of promotion and making clients aware of his gift and presence. Rick comments on LizianEvents News posts, he writes on the Forum and continually promotes his friends, colleagues and fellow community members. He understands the wisdom of interaction if he is to succeed. It is only with his cooperation that visitors and potential clients become aware of his presence. It is no surprise to me that Rick is has found more success in a year or so than some achieve in five years or more, he is dedicated to uniqueness, integrity, sharing and open-mindedness. Rick takes delight in seeing other people succeed and this is evidence of his bright persona.

I would suggest to anyone who desires to succeed in their chosen path to take a long look at Rick and his gift. The lessons he demonstrates are a unification of spiritual and clear-minded thought.

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  1. Thank you for this update wow, and if anybody reading has any doubt whatsoever about my passion for this line of work come and see me at shows interact with me I love doing what I do. I see spirit work as an on loan gift that is to be cherished, honoured and respected and also nourished, rest assured whether you are my first reading of the day or the last I am enthusiastic and as long as you leave my table a little bit more uplifted than when you sat down I will have done my job. Bright blessings to you all.

    • You deserve every word Rick – Your dedication and commitment are rewarded by the success you deserve. There is no doubt in my mind you demonstrate the very best of integrity for your clients. Anyone who is seeking success in would do well to study your journey. Well done my friend.

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