Competition? There is None!

Don't Let the Mind Spin Too Fast
Don’t Let the Mind Spin Too Fast

There is no such thing as competition. You can drive the same car as Jack, and you’ll be the safer driver. His licence ten points courtesy of speeding fines. Your document a clean bill of driving health. Same car, different drivers and different records. Joe is following the pair of you on the motorway, and he doesn’t know anything more than he can see. He follows the both of you for ten miles. Before he leaves the motorway, he has decided Jack is a poor driver. Joe watched Jack tailgate the cars in front, accelerate and then hit the brakes. You know Jack, we see him every time we drive on the motorway.

This analogy stands true for most situations when there is perceived competition. Car, sport, business or attainment. We all have the same tools it is how the devices are used results in how the outside world perceives material, intellectual, emotional or creative success.

If this is true, the only competition is our thoughts. We are our best friend or worse enemy; a cutting truth ignored by thousands of people. How many times do we listen to the statement: ‘We were superb performers; however, the competition was too strong’ The competition started somewhere and with the same rules, laws and restrictions. We must consider every success began with the foundation of an idea. If we chose to replicate an idea, there must be considerable input to improve the concept.

The task is finished before it begins if we look at how other people operate. If we follow this path then there will be comparisons and how can we compare ourselves to another person? It is an impossible task. In the same way, it is impossible to compare a business with another; nothing is the same.

We can take this further: If someone claims to be the best to what are they judging the superiority? They can only be judging their activities against something they consider to be inferior, and the judgement will involve something critical thinkers call ‘confirmation bias’. This aspect of thought isolates only the ideas which support the belief they are the best. When the reality if far away from the truth of the situation: understanding this aspect of thought is essential to long-term success. The moment anyone states they are the best then the fact is they cannot take their brand any further.

From a personal standpoint, I do not want to be the best at anything. I prefer to be able to be consistent and reliable. Careful attention to the whole objective is more important to me than spending hours attempting to fine-tune one specific aspect. For example, I could spend six hours instead of three editing a LizianEvents video. The three hours needed to add special effects, colour matching and producing credits are not necessary for the purpose. To reinforce this choice take a look at this weeks post with Michelle Durrant’s video. It is a simple video which fulfils its purpose and already has statistics of seventy views. No doubt a critic could tear our videos apart. Truth to tell we are the only organisers who continuously produce videos for our community and we have only scratched the surface of the possibilities which will be available in 2018.

There is no such thing as competition: If there is a feeling others are succeeding in your space, resist the temptation to look at their methods. Reviewing others work is a fatal mistake and will remove you from the objective. The only way I see success is by demonstrating a tenacious determination to follow the precepts of LizianEvents. The sharper I focus on this requirement the more I grasp the methods needed to fulfil the objective.

An astute reader can adapt and take possession of the ideas in this article. The two threads of thought are: 1) Forget what other people do, look at ways to reinforce uniqueness.  2) Confidence is like a volume knob on the stereo if its too low no one hears the tune. When it is turned round to ten, the sound is distorted, and no one is interested. Keep the pointer around 5.5 and sit back and enjoy the moment. When we review presentation and interaction, the probability is named success.

A consistent flow of marketing is essential for success. Bringing awareness of today’s work to visitors is crucial to The Communities success. We could rely on the work of the past and live in hope. There is no interest in the trail of the history – there is every interest in the best way to navigate the future. LizianEvents is fortunate: The Community is as bright as searchlights, and the Daily News provides a daily platform to promote their abilities and products.

We do not consider competition exists and we have the confidence to promote The Community who give the very best to our visitors. The only competitor is of the mind; it is called confidence.

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  1. I love the way the writer has the ability to turn a word into a picture, I have been fascinated to watch and learn from people over the last couple of years who complain about placement at venues there is this wrong that wrong etc, all excuses to my mind. The only thing I strive for is to put on the best version of me that will benefit clients, myself and the community around me. I have no rivals,no competition, nobody I have to surpass etc. If I didn’t have a successful event I would look at my methodology, my presentation and my delivery of self /the product. Who can I blame for a poor performance the organisers, my opposition, the weather the list is endless. The only competition lies within if there is something missing from your tool box look to someone who has the quality that you desire and adapt it for self, you can be a 1% diluted/ imitation of somebody else (but that isn’t taking responsibility) or you can be 100% you. It comes down to this in my thinking that a bad workman will always blame his tools. Just a thought.

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