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John Richardson : LizianEvents
John Richardson : LizianEvents

Community Member John Richardson has published the first of his self-help series of downloads on Amazon Kindle.

The booklet is titled ‘Disrupt Habit Technique’. It is available as a 30-page booklet or downloadable from Amazon’s Kindle platform. I have both paper and Kindle versions for this review. The download is well presented and reads correctly on iPhone, tablet, and desktop. (with the free Kindle app available from Amazon online). The booklet is simply laid out with a card cover and clear 14 point text.

John suggests writing personal notes in the booklet. He guides the reader to use an aide to memory such as photographs as bookmakers. There are many subtle aspects to the booklet. For two examples: plenty of space to make notes and a specialist learning method at the beginning of the text. John takes the reader through the stages of learning in a clear an systematic timeline. There is nothing missed out, in fact, he insists each lesson is well mastered before moving on to the next step.

The technique is deceptively powerful. In fact, for many people, the technique described is a potential life changer. Now, you may be chomping at the bit for me to reveal the method in this review, alas, to do would mean I would miss an essential facet of the process and lessen the probability of success: so if you have a habit which needs addressing download or purchase the booklet from John. (contact details at end of this article).

The booklet is unique: it is also used as the course notes for John’s one-day certificated seminar which teaches the ‘Disrupt Habit Technique’ to the clinical level. Therapists and clinical practitioners can learn the technique as an ‘add-on’ to their work. John has tested the method in his clinical practice for the last year, he comments: ‘I’ve had spectacular and permanent results with ‘Disrupt Habit Technique’. It can be used by practitioners as a ‘stand-alone’ or complementary therapy. The method is safe and straightforward and clients love the immediate transformation which is the result of a forty-five to a one-hour session. There is no trance work involved, so it appeals to a more significant number of clients.

On Friday of last week, John and I talked about the book and his plans for more downloads and booklets. He has decided to publish eleven more titles over the next eighteen months. All will be for self-help and transformational. I cannot divulge the actual titles. However, if you have met John or visit his website, you can form an astute opinion of the areas of specialisation.

John explained the titles are written to be concise and uncomplicated. He also emphasises the fact that the techniques are all ‘tested’ in his clinic.

‘It is important the lessons in each publication can be utilised with confidence and safety. To this end, I work through the idea and utilise it in my clinical practice. Although the technique will work well from the first inception: I have the advantage of seeing many clients each week. When the appropriate opportunity to use the advanced idea arises, it is tested in a safe and controlled environment. As the month’s progress, the technique is enhanced to a degree where other practitioners can use it for themselves.’

John continues:

‘Last year a client asked me if she could demonstrate ‘Disrupt Habit Technique’ to her friend who lived in Ireland. She told me she was visiting the following week and her friend was a ‘nail biter’. My reply was: I felt she should not demonstrate the technique because it is essential to follow the learning sequentially, and if she missed one aspect: the probability is the therapy would not work one hundred percent. Later in the day, I spoke to my client and said I would write out the technique for her to try. And this is how the idea for a series of powerful and effective self-help booklets came into my mind.’

Those of you who know John will vouch for his integrity and dedication to his work. I know for sure he is a well-liked and respected by the Members of Our Community. During our conversation, his enthusiasm for the new project is a shining star. He inspires people to live a happy and prosperous life. There is no surprise when he ends the conversation with ‘I have to go now Ian, I have a busy afternoon of work ahead.’ John’s busy schedule is due to a dedication to excellence, commitment to integrity and transparent approach to his work.

I am confident his series of downloads and booklets will meet with great success. I enjoyed reading ‘Disrupt Habit Technique’, and there is no doubt it is worth every single penny. Anyone who has a persistent and harmful habit should read this gem of a therapy.

Mr John Richardson
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