Are the Akashic Records our Genetic Code to Well-being? 

We understand from scientific studies that we begin our birth journey with two strips of DNA that have evolved over countless generations to make us the humans we are today. These tiny snips of code are also passed on from parents to children.  

These codes determine our height, hair, eye and skin colour, body type, and disease susceptibility. Our DNA carries vast amounts of memory which we now understand we can change the way we look after them. Some people are said to be born happy; others are not so fortunate. We are not on a pre-determined road to an inevitable destiny and do not have to accept our genetic fortunes. By investigating the root cause of codes that have experienced trauma, we can change how we feel. That said, our DNA must, therefore, carry past experiences of life trauma, to include life lessons. This situation is where a professional past-life regressionist can help you uncover real-life traumas that have no meaning in your life today. There is no pill a doctor can prescribe to find emotional fears and phobias by understanding where, when and how the fear arose, and you can release old patterns that no longer serve: this is where past life regression plays a big part in enhancing your life today. By changing how you think of a situation, understanding and releasing past trauma, you can live a better, more fulfilled life today. 

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Mysteries of the Past

For example, some people fear water yet cannot recall why: a situation explained in my book Exploring Past Lives. In this instance, a client was regressed to a time as a fisherman. Their boat was hit by a lightning storm that wrecked the ship on their last voyage, leaving the crew to drift in the ocean until they could not hang on any longer and drowned. In my downloadable book Exploring Past Life Regression, I write of a client who had a reoccurring nightmare, a memory from a previous life in battle. Both books can be purchased through Amazon.

Over the years, through achievable changes to our diet and lifestyle, we can protect, repair, and enhance our genes’ condition, hence significantly influencing our current and future health. Further is evidence in lowering cholesterol, people living with diabetes, genetic conditions altered by tweaks to our diet and lifestyle can significantly improve our health and well-being.  

Suppose our genetic code can carry memory from generation to generation. In that case, it is conceivable that our emotional memory from previous lives and generations is embedded in the codes that make us who we are? We have all heard of a person that carries a nervous disposition, has a naturally creative gene or is susceptible to depression as it runs in the family.  

Exploring the cause of fear, phobias, and trauma through past life regression, you can uncover where these emotional toxins lie, how they affect you and how to release, repair or decode how you think. An example would be a person who struggles to express themselves. If they lived previous lives in a religious time, it would be unthinkable to express their view against that religion for fear of death. This code would become embedded in their DNA as a survival technique, in short, keep stum or die. Whilst that part of coding is not relevant in our free and expressive society today it could easily be triggered and bubble to the surface as a memory if you were asked to express your views, let us say as a speaker. This memory will jump in action to save you from death, reminding you of the consequences from previous lives. The emotion you may feel can be so overwhelming it prevents you from expressing your knowledge and views.  

Join with me now in thinking of a fear or phobia you have. Understanding this is just a thought and has not happened yet you can alter how you think. By uncovering the root cause of the thought or experience in a safe environment with a professional past-life regressionist, you can revisit the past from a detached viewpoint. Understanding where, why and how this happened and whether it is relevant in your life today, you can choose to release that way of thinking.  

When most of us have a problem, we look on the outside for answers. We have many questions unanswered that are with our grasp, if only we were prepared to look within. By drawing on your Akashic records, the codes that make you who you are, you could delete, recode or repair how you think.  

I drive up and down the country every week. To be safe, my car is serviced, has an oil change and regular tyre changes. We are good at looking on the outside to prevent danger. Yet when was the last time you said to yourself “I am worth it and I deserve a well-being check”, to uncover, repair or release old patterns that no longer serve my life purpose. 

Through past life regression, you can do just that. You will have collected fears, phobias and life experiences over many lifetimes. Through a serious of past life regressions, I can help you decouple negative emotions and leave them behind.  

One of my saying to clients is “we all have life lessons at varying times, they were lessons and not meant to be a life sentence.” 

Think of a negative situation in your life and how your life could change dramatically if you no longer feared moving forward. What would be different about your life? Through past life regression, you can shape your future.  

Free yourself from the chains of the past and welcome in the new you, are you ready for your journey? Email to book a free consultation.

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