From time to time we like to look back at old articles. Today we return to 22:04:2017. One of the earlier LizianEvents daily articles. How times have changed. We are now nearly 1500 article strong. A typical visitor to this site will stay here for thirty minutes and search four or five articles. In this post, you can listen to one of the very first recordings made by a Community Member! It lasts for three minutes and is too short to become a podcast! I have chosen to publish the article in its original format.

Mr Campbell Wallace:

Anyone who meets and then enters into a conversation with Campbell Wallace is certain to benefit in some way. Campbell’s sparkling whit, cheeky smile and open-mindedness shine through. Once we get past his bright personality, we enter into a realm of empathy and kindness which captivates any who talk to him. Do not consider this exaggeration, all who know Campbell recognise his stellar personality. To say he is well-loved and admired is an understatement.

A man’s metal is his ability to listen to his friends and fellow humans. A man who can then reflect upon a conversation and offer a few words of hope and inspiration is rare in this ‘no time’ world. Campbell understands the reality and purpose of life; he knows we have to live life to its best. The hundreds of people who love him, know about his illness, his bravery and determination. He overwhelmed a life-threatening disease, underwent transplant surgery and took his life back. His friends know, he lives life and loves every second of his ‘Second Chance.’

He is a Scot, and his roots are evident in his story. From a robust and disciplined upbringing, Campbell became a rally driver, garage owner and finally settled down to a fantastic life working with Carol in their successful crystal business. He never stops to reflect or look back ‘I’ve too much to do, so much to see and enjoy’ sums up his attitude to life.

Campbell’s story is recorded in a treasure trove of memories and wise words. His book ‘Second Chance’ is an extraordinary account of facing death, major surgery and recovery. The book should be used as a guide to approaching the long-term implications of life-threatening illness. For examples: the man who is frightened of minor surgery or procedure will sail through the day surgery without a moment’s concern. Wondering what to say to someone who is ill and how you can help them. Why the implications of one’s financial situation should be considered. Dealing with anxiety, and dissolving fear and how to talk about one’s illness with friends and family. It is an insightful, honest and compelling read. If you have a friend who is unwell, consider the book ‘Second Chance’ as a gift of caring and compassion.

Mr Campbell Wallace’s gratitude for his gift of life cannot be quelled. He thanks his donor and the donor’s family every day of his life. His silent words of thanks become the first thoughts and meditation each day of his life. The importance of understanding the donor system and why it is important to consider entering the NHS Organ Donor Registry is Campbell’s mission. He is recognised as an NHS Organ Donor Ambassador. His handsome portrait has been seen on full sized billboards and digital displays across Manchester.

Short Interview About Being A Donor Ambassador

When visiting an event where Campbell has a stand, take a few minutes to talk to him about his book and the NHS Organ Donor Registry. It is entirely probable your perspective on life will change one more step upward.

Campbell’s Website

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