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CornerStone Article
CornerStone Article

We provide the catering for this Well Being Show. The menu is simple and sensibly priced. Visitors should note we have vegetarian/vegan choices and all food is locally sourced. At the previous event, the decision to use only white sub rolls was made, and this will not change.

See You at The Show


Tea or Coffee – 50p
Hot Chocolate – £1-00
Water £1-00
CapriSun Orange £1-00

Mug of Soup with Sub Roll £2-00
Choose from – Tomato – Mushroom – Mixed Vegetable

Sausage Sub £3-00
Bacon Sub £3-00
Sausage and Bacon £4-50
Served with or without fried onion option

Ham – Cheese – Egg Mayonnaise – Sub – £2-50
Add cherry tomatoes if required

Vegetable Chilli (mild) and Rice £4-00
Baked Potato – Beans and Cheese £3-50

Assorted Confectionary  £1-00
Assorted Cakes – £1-50
Crisps 50p
Apple or Banana 50p

Yes, it is a simple and basic menu. To keep the prices low it is essential we do not waste food. Everything is cooked fresh and from the best local ingredients. We only use white freshly baked sub rolls from a local bakery. The chili and spread are vegan-friendly.


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