Nottingham Show – Final Words

The Show Begins
The Show Begins

Every day of promoting the shows is a pleasure for Liz and myself and for us, the weekend of each show is the reason for our endeavour. Anyone who reads these pages will know we do not just envisage a show, book the venue, fill an exhibitor list. Our choice is to connect Visitors to Community relentlessly. The ethos of the show is holistic, and the methodology is comprehensive. And when then the door of Nottingham – Trowell closes at 17:00 on Sunday we will be working on the Newark show at 18:00.

This social interaction will never stop, and we know the importance of respecting Community and Visitors. They are the show, and it is essential to keep them informed about every facet of each show. Over the top? No, it is not, our intention is for as many people as possible to be aware of our presence and objectives.

We will talk to visitors and ‘Community Members’ all weekend, and we will listen to comments and suggestions. These ideas will form the slight adjustments to the year’s events. Constant appraisal, adjustment, changes, adapting and honing the events. All is driven toward people becoming aware of what we do and the Community we bring together.

The show was initially conceived as a twin to the Market Rasen Well Being Show. As a venue where new exhibitors could practice their methods and test their products. More than a few have moved on to become well known and well established. The key to the events was ‘Community Members’ lived close to the venue and helped in promoting the show.

We have never ignored the reality of expecting Community Members to help and actively participate in promoting their events. We do not spend money on a newspaper advertisement, and there are no road signs. Everyone involved is part of the promotion, in the early days, there was ‘old school know all’s’ who commented we would fail. They are no longer with us, and we are still here, and we are thriving, my goodness we are thriving. Look at the ‘Community Lists’ for Newark and Lincoln, if you doubt my words.

Something amazing is happening, our Visitors are taking possession of the shows. They feel the atmosphere as unique. They talk to their friends and review the Well Being Shows.  Our visitors shared the events on social media platforms and chose to visit the event because of word of mouth. Why is this? The answer is the visitor knows they are part of a genuine force of Well Being. OUR shows are a meeting place for like-minded people, and they know there is a common purpose of happiness and inner security to be discovered during every visit.

Liz and I thank you for your support and faith in our vision. During a conversation in  December, a ‘Community Member’ said something which stopped me in my tracks. He said ‘In April when you announced your take over of Newark and Lincoln I was over the moon. And then you wrote about ‘Community’ and ‘Ethos’, and then you started to write the community member profiles. I have to tell you, Ian, many people believed you were an idiot. The gossip was you wouldn’t last the distance, and your ideas would not work. In fact, there were a few people who laughed at you. And do you know something, Ian? Nobody is laughing now’.

Yes, we have lost a few on the way, and we are all the better for not having them within ‘The Community’. It’s a small world and people gossip, and gossip and lies will always float to the surface like flotsam from the sunken vessel. And we are not sinking; we are buoyant, healthy and following a voyage of discovery.

The feeling we receive from kind words of encouragement is worth a bank value of notes. It is a beautiful as the sun rising on a spring morning. Nothing beats the drum to success like the support of Visitors and ‘Community Members’. Truth to tell it is the efforts of these people who are the success. Whatever Liz and I do is easy, there is no mystery to filling in forms and writing essays. There is no magic spell or formula to his work and truth to tell it is not hard work. It is nothing like working out how to run a hotel or busy office. There are few difficulties, and we could replicate the process tenfold with the blink of an eye. So, the gratitude we have within our very being for the input, dedication and investments of ‘Community Members’ and Visitors cannot be measured. You should know the gratitude is seen in the dedication of bringing together visitors and community every day of the week.

I do not need to speculate on the success of the show. I do not have to because it is already a success, it is recognised as being worthy of the support of ‘Community Members’ who are incredibly well established. They do not have to travel to a small village outside of Nottingham, and yet they have done so, to offer their support. They are prepared to invest both time and money to make their show grow in strength and stature. Look at the list below; no one could envisage a group of thirty people coming together, some travelling over a hundred and twenty miles and having to pay two nights hotel accommodation if they had no faith in the event. The investment of time and money is acknowledged by Liz and me, we thank you for your confidence in our objectives.

There is no more to write – See you at the weekend – Liz and Ian – LizianEvents.


27 & 28 January

Trowell Parish Hall
Stapleford Road
32+ Community
12+ Talks

free tickets


JS Therapies ~ Jacqueline Seddon
Jacqueline is an experienced and respected therapist. She has the most beautiful presence. During a healing session of either Reiki or Reflexology you will experience a transformation. Your body, mind and spirit will benefit from the healing energy of your choice of therapy. Talk to Jacqueline and she will help you decide what is best for today.

Reiki Gift ~ Janine Love
Janine is a Reiki Practitioner of many years standing. She has travelled the World with her work. Janine works with a simple approach, she makes no claims. Her work is based in love and giving.

Janines Website

Sanctuary Reflexology ~ Chandu Solanki
I first met Chandu during the Lincoln Well Being Show in November. Well, I should write I spoke to him for about two minutes and then his next client was ready for her therapy. I do not think Chandu stopped working all weekend with his clients. A visitor commented ‘What a serene man; I will make sure I see him at every show’ – Visitor testimonies are the best assessment of a ‘Community Member’. Having Chandu at this show is excellent news.

Spiritual Healing ~ Gill Moore
Experience spiritual healing – taster or full session – non invasive, seated therapy, and range of comforters and soothers for children

Exhibitor Profile

Sutton Healing Centre ~ Elaine Chadbourne
Relaxing Reflexology and Reiki treatments and taster sessions.  Wood crafted staffs, walking sticks, plaques, coasters, and other natural crafted gifts.

Exhibitor Profile

Tampara Seated Therapies ~ Paul & Tamra
Indian Head Massage, a traditional therapy which has been practiced in India for over 1000 years, non invasive seated acupressure massage to relax aches and pains and induce relaxation and feeling of well being.

Exhibitor Profile

Retail Stands

Aromair ~ Dathan Berry
Himalayan Salt products for your home and health. No one knows Himalayan Salt products like Dathan. He seems to have been selling this specialist product forever. Visitors will find an extensive range and good prices at his stall this weekend.

Desirable Gifts
Range of natural aromatherapy diffuser gifts for your home and car. These unique and useful products are high quality and long lasting. Liz and I use the refillable air freshener in our car and we would not go back to the alternatives. Have a look-see at this interesting and differing ways to bring fragrance into home and car.

doTERRA ~ Jurga Proudlove
Certified pure, therapeutic grade, safe and effective essential oils for the health & wellbeing of the whole family – physical, mental, emotional, minor and major ailments.

Emily Kirk
Emily would not want me to write this however, I think she was the first person to make Fairy Doors! I know she was making them ten years or more ago. She now makes another interesting product: Meditation cushions, the idea is to think about the patterns of the silks and use the cushion as a focal point to relaxation. Amazing idea – well done Emily.

Ethically Gifted ~ Kirstie Wood
Fairly traded, eco friendly, recycled and up cycled gifts, handicrafts & accessories: sun catchers, wall art, wind chimes, Guatemalan worry people, raffia baskets and hats, hippy bags and purses, rag rugs, prayer flags, mosaic ware, batik chakra scrolls… produced from around the world.

Exhibitor Profile

Health Wealth and Happiness ~ Sue Hickman & Christina Warr
Forever Living Products and Aloe Vera. Forever Living Ambassadors, the years of experience shows when you ask for a demonstration or information on their products. And if you need a boost to your income; talk to these lovely ladies on how they can help you discover financial freedom.

Hermit Lodge ~ Bridey & Brian Barber
Handcrafted & bought in goods, many fair traded, including wands, spells, magical charms, throws, faerie doors, incense and magical curiosities.

Email – Bridey

Joy’s Jems ~ Sandi Joy Pinkney
Hand made prayer beads, jewellery; ear candling and healing therapies.

Exhibitor Profile

Lizian Crystals ~ Liz Clark
Range of tumble stones and crystals; japanese incense sticks  and organic henna.

Magickal Shaman ~ Katt Lawrence
Shamanic items, hand painted drums and gifts.

Mel-Jay ~ Melanie Jones
A magpie’s delight!  Selection of silver and gold set crystal jewellery and fine mineral specimens and crystal carvings.

Exhibitor Information

Moonlit Pathway Books ~ Annie & Martin Webster
Popular books, tarot cards and oracle cards. In an email Annie says: ‘I’m having a major sale at Nottingham. There are many new titles arri for the Newark Show and as Nottingham is the first show of the year, I’ll be clearing old stock for very low prices’ This has to be the opportunity to make additions to your library. Remember Annie stock rare and unusual titles.

Exhibitor Information

Nature’s Workshop ~ Sharon Dewick
Nature inspired spiritual artwork and gifts.

Stephanie J King ~ Soulprenour & Author
Enjoy a moment or two talking to Stephanie about her books. She is an incredible and empathetic lady, sure to calm the spirit and soul of troubled by the hum-drum of life. Stephanie will also record a short and insightful reading for those who wish to make a difference to their lives.

Stephanie’s Website

Tres Jolie ~ Dulcie Brown
Dulcie will be selling her brilliant range of ethnic and ethically sourced clothing during the event. You can be sure of great service and you will find Dulcie’s smile and sense of humour infectious, a lovely lady.

Witchyoble ~ Sam Wray
Hand crafted gemstone dream catchers and gem trees, and a range of colourful clothing.

Sam’s FaceBook Page


Emma Gowshall ~ Animal Communication
Animal Communication and Animal Energy Healing – Emma runs workshops to teach communication with your pets, and how to use dowsing with your pets and animals.  A selection of pet and animal related products and gifts are available at Emma’s stand.


Woodland Trust

Jane Osborne ~ Author & Past Life Regressionist
Author of ‘Exploring Past Lives’


JoPaz ~ Reader
Tarot & Astrological Services
Jo has worked with Tarot and Astrology for many years. She is recognised as a leader in this aspect of spiritual endeavour. A reading with Jo will be accurate and enlightening. She has a large following of regular clients who seek spiritual and worldly advise. Fantastic reputation and years of experience, what more could I write?


Exhibitor Profile

Kevin Doe ~ Aura Interpretations
What a fantastic man. You cannot help than be captivated by the kindness and intelligence of Kevin. The feedback we receive about his Aura Interpretations is superb. Kevin used the finest type of aura camera and every reading proves he has spent many years learning about the aura and colour. What an opportunity to have your Aura recorded for the first time. And remember, Auras change so you can review your progress with second, third and fourth photographs each year.

Exhibitor Profile

Pam Shield ~ Reader
“Tarot reader, psychometry and spiritual guidance” – Pam has a reputation for giving solid personal reading. Her growing number of regular clients are an indication of the quality of her work.

FaceBook Page

Exhibitor Profile

Rick Paul ~ Medium Rick
Rick is a popular and well respected reader. His insightful readings have earned him a stellar reputation.

Exhibitor Profile

Simon Goodfellow ~ Spiritual Medium

What can I write about Simon? His repuation and success is all the evidence anyone could need.
To Book a one to one reading with Simon email at his contacts page.
Call Dave on Mobile: 0789 4091702 Office 01302 869051

Exhibitor Profile

Suzanne Potts ~ Reader
Suzanne is an insightful reader. You will find her to be caring and empathetic to your situation. She is able to discover your spiritual guidance using her unique gift and spiritual connections.

Exhibitor Profile



  1. Absolutely can’t wait to get cracking, I am so grateful for all the hard work you both put in anybody doubting the effectiveness and community spirit need only walk round at any time and absorb the energies that are generated, the proof is in the pudding come along ladies and gents and enjoy the taste.

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