Newark Show 17 – 18 February

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Newark Well Being Show 17 & 18 February

The Newark Show is destined to be a signpost to the future of LizianEvents. Our Community Members are at the top of their professions. With a superb blend of products, services, therapies and spiritual gifts, the Visitor is sure to enjoy their visit. There is more than enough to interest every level of spiritual needs and the incredible atmosphere makes the shows very special indeed.

With the success of Nottingham – Trowell behind us, the focus is now on the Newark event. Liz is pleased to report we have a ‘full house’ and many new ‘Community Members’ will be attending. The Visitors will easily be able to enjoy a full day, and there will be many who will make a whole weekend of the spiritual connection.

Those who enjoy their mediumistic and spiritual readings will discover a varied and fresh mix of mediums and psychic’s ready enlighten and put a different perspective on the weeks ahead. Remember today’s ‘reader’ is light years away from the old ‘fiver’ at the seaside ladies. Most have respected qualifications in counselling. They take their work very seriously indeed. Have a look-see at the list of new and very well-known mediums. Why not have an Aura Photograph as well as a reading? The combination of mediumistic connection and aura explanation is an enlightening experience.

If you are visiting for a relaxing therapy, the Newark Well Being Show will come up to expectations. Every visitor should consider a relaxing and beneficial session with our Community Therapists. From Reiki and Reflexology to Hypnosis and N.L.P everything is covered. And for those of you thinking of becoming a therapist, there are many Community Members offering courses which are professionally certified.

While on the subject of therapies: Why not have two or three different sessions? Do not feel you should be restricted to one methodology. The word holistic comes to mind when thinking about this aspect of the show. On a personal level, my preference is to go from head to toe. At an event last year I decided to have Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Reflexology. My body thanked me for the indulgence and rewarded me with a whole week of deep and therapeutic sleep. The cost was less than forty-five pounds and worth every single penny.

Retail is therapeutic, and a visit to the Newark Well Being Show is rewarded with a diverse range of products and goods. Everything from bright festival clothing to comfortable and difficulty to source dress ware. From ethically sourced gifts to food supplements the range is vast. If you’re looking for specialist books, look no further, it’s ok buying online but nothing beats holding and looking through a potentially lifelong possession. The avid reader may well be surprised at how competitive the bookstore is compared to high street and internet prices.

I have covered readers, therapists and retail and it is essential to consider the wealth of knowledge a Visitor can learn at the show. I would recommend each visitor talks to and asks questions of all our Community Members. Most of you will have travelled a fair distance to be with us on 17 & 18 February; take advantage of every moment. Enjoy your day.

The LizianEvents Community has a growing reputation for diversity and a holistic approach to their work at every show. The community drive ethos has taken hold and visitors are leaving the Well Being Shows with a real feeling of happiness and enlightenment. All of ‘The Community’ is dedicated to making our Visitors feel welcome and respected. This is a fundamental part of our ethos as are the words integrity and transparency. We work together with a balanced and selfless attitude of sharing and caring. The reviews and feedback received at every show is evidence we are not straying from the objective of bringing love and happiness to our Visitors and this is why we are known as The Well Being Show.

Now it is for all of us to share the show and you can begin today by sharing this article. And if you do so, you will be part of the growing Members and Visitors we know as Community.

Thanks for reading this article – See You Soon

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  1. Happy to talk to anybody about what I do, sense and where my spirituality comes in, I will be doing a demonstration at the Newark show and you will soon see how passionate I am about what I do, my greatest wish is that too inspire others along their pathways.

  2. Being kindly hailed by my public as ‘The Afterlife French Lady’, I find it exciting and fulfilling to help our visitors in many different ways : banish any fear of ‘The Unknown’ which in fact is a world of Mind & Light – offering reassurance, upliftment and more understanding to the bereaved – enlightening ‘seekers of truth’ as to WHY and HOW humans & animals…and this Universe exist; clarifying distortions we are brainwashed with from childhood- giving tips to unfold everybody’s latent psychic abilities and sixth sense – signing & dedicating my channelled books as they make great uplifting gifts- And simply making new friends and meeting ‘old’ ones at every Lizian events, when meeting our visitors, and chatting to our friendly, cheerful Community members and dedicated organisers Liz & Ian. I look forward to seeing you all at Newark xx 🙂

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