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CornerStone Article
CornerStone Article

It seems to me that we can consider the potential of the events through the eyes of those who make them great experiences for the Visitor.

An indication of the community sprint is discovered when people praise and support their colleagues. Not only do they give support, but they also offer it to those who work in the same field. As we will discover this is evidence of the generosity of any, who offer praise. Those who are lucky enough to be part of a happy and prosperous family understand this aspect of caring.

During my school years, I had a friend whose father was at the time a well-known journalist. He enjoyed life to the full, and couldn’t care for conventional attitudes; I envied his character. He had many friends, and for a time we were inseparable. Once, when visiting his house for a weekend break, the envy became greater. His two sisters were completely different (one became a doctor, the other a lawyer) they were inseparable, and it was evident they loved their renegade brother. I learned a lesson during the stay, the lesson of sharing. The girls shared their clothes, I asked one why they did this ‘Bigger range of clothes’ she answered. Another thing the siblings did, was, they shared their property, for example, there were three bikes and they did not own a specific one. Their father and mother were fantastic people; the three children were treated like adults. I loved being at the house and within the family. Some years later I met my friend at a party. He had become a stockbroker. In less than a second, I realised he was the same, kind and generous human he’d always been. At the time I was in difficulties, and he instinctively knew ‘If you need money or help with a job Ian, I can sort something out’. He phoned many times to see how my life was going.

I remember his father talking to us on the Sunday drive back to the school. And, when we arrived he stood in front of his son, and kissed him. There was no embarrassment ‘Don’t break the rules, do not lie, and make me proud’. His father shook my hand ‘Nice to see you again, Ian, you’re welcome to stay with us anytime’ And then he did something which is one of my fondest memories; he gave me a five-pound note and smiled ‘Take it, do not refuse a needed gift’. He was an extraordinary man. He realised the school was my only happiness and saw the truth of my situation. He was a journalist, he could see through the plight of any man.

My pleasure is seeing people succeed. I enjoy helping someone if there is the ability to fulfil the obligation. Although, this is not carte blanche to take advantage. I will help those who support themselves, don’t look to me to carry self-made burdens. Yes, to see the success of others can bring great pleasure. Over the years of exhibiting at shows, Liz was often asked for crystals which she did not have on the stand. The request was at the Lizian Store, but not on the table, on the day. And, every time she would say ‘try x or y, they may be able to help’, or she would say ‘I saw one on x’s table this morning’. The customer was more important than the sale. We never lost a customer because of this policy. Driving home one night I asked Liz why she never sent anyone to ‘z’ her reply was as anticipated ‘Never once has anyone said – ‘z’ sent me over to see if you had a crystal – I used to send customers to ‘z’, and ‘z’ never returned the compliment. So I focussed my loyalty on ‘x and y’’.

Of course, it is difficult to gain the confidence to share and give an unreserved compliment to people who could be seen as competition. By overcoming the resistance to share for fear of damaging one’s business magic happens. Agreed, the act of sharing has to be reciprocal, but consider the example above ‘z’ is nowhere to be seen ‘x and y’ thrive. Magic? Yes, the Visitors will appreciate the act, and it may not be immediately acknowledged, it will not be forgotten.

Jane Osbourne
Jane Osbourne

I can give you an example of the act of unconditional sharing, here it is:

“More often than not MBS events are flooded with reader stalls and a bit dry, not this one. Quality stallholders are in abundance. Fabulous messages from Rick Paul, he can talk the spiritual hind leg off a donkey. Paul Reynolds massages are a real treat. John Richardson takes you back in time to past lives. A clever Peter Wall is always ‘Peter at his best’ in his Barnsley accent will put you in another dimension. Lithuanian born Jurga Proudlove is demonstrating aromatherapy. There are crystal stalls, jewellery, reflexology, colour healing and much more.”
Jane Osbourne

The point is, at The Newark Well Being Show Jane is promoting her book. And the subject is? ‘Past Life Regression’ In the appraisal above, she complements John Richardson and Peter Wall, and they are both involved in hypnosis and Past Life Regression. Sharing is indeed caring, thank you, Jane.

At this moment Jane is promoting an event of her own here is the information:

“Jane Osborne invites you to share her weekend retreats nestled in a magical forest, snuggled in a log cabin, full of storytelling, spiritual workshops and crafts. What’s not to like about this retreat?”

There is a link to Janes website and details of the retreat at the end of this article. I would like to make a further observation. If someone is to consider using a service or perhaps a weekend retreat how would we judge the potential of the experience? It is usual to look at websites and other information. However, we need some further evidence, and I would suggest looking at the teacher or instructors record. We can find plenty on the internet. In Jane’s case, we could consider the paragraph of unsolicited praise for other members of The Community. If we needed an indication of Jane’s ability to talk about and reflect up spiritual ideas. You will find it in the testament about her fellow Community Members.

See You Soon

Jane’s Website


  1. Thank you. I think we are going to have a fab time on these retreats nestled in a log cabin set in the forest. There are five community members that are looking forward to joining me with their therapies. No one is an island, together we are offering a great service of workshops, storytelling, therapies, psychic supper, crafts of dream catching and wand making and other activities such as falconry – Great to work on something you enjoy.

    • Looks like a brilliant weekend Jane – All details will be on LEN after Newark and I will be recording an interview Jane about the retreat at the show. See you there – Ian

  2. Jane is a lovely person who from what I have seen is as brave as a lion to be even walking, I am just starting to read her book and look forward to the opportunity of gaining new knowledge once I have done this I have a donkey to talk the other leg off (ha ha). A great couple recently told me Sharing is Caring and in the end the community benefits.

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