Newark Show – The Countdown Begins

The countdown to the Newark Well Being Show begins. You can be confident the articles written over next ten days will be packed with information about the show and The Community. We have never had so much interest in The Community’s shows; not a day goes by when we do not have enquires from people who wish to join the numbers who now see the potential of the ethos everyone now knows is at the core of our Shows.

Visitors are capital V. Every one of them is important to the success of the events. The relationship between Community and Visitor is acknowledged as key to the future. During conversations with a Visitors at Nottingham – Trowell I listened to many compliments one of the most heartwarming was this ‘You know Ian, I find it amazing that your exhibitors interact with every visitor, I’ve been watching them. How does this happen?’

My answer is that we have a common purpose. It is to make the shows unique to ourselves. There is no way we wish to be the best, biggest or most significant. We want to have a signature which can be read as a sign of integrity. All of us understand the parameters and guidelines which must be adhered to, to keep Visitors returning to the Shows.

After the Nottingham Trowell Show, we had three small issues to deal with, and Liz and I did not approach those involved until we had reviewed the emails. Two were dealt with amicably; the third is an agreement to disagree. All three situations are covered in our terms and conditions, and it is the T&C’s which are the reason for the harmony of the shows.

The idea of identity is something we should all be aware of and know it is must not be damaged. When I write an article about the importance of dedicating the hours during a show to Vistors; I’m writing about the dedication Community Members must take to clear their overheads. An ‘exhibitor’ complains costs we not covered and the event was not very good. I reply ‘If the Visitor sees’s your head stuck on an iPhone all weekend, all your saying is ‘I don’t care’. The same complaint is directed to me again I answer ‘If you spend a weekend talking to your assistants you are saying to the Visitors – I have no sympathy’.

Now, the reason I can make a ShowReel like the one above is that The Community does care about their Visitors. They will continue to do so, and the Shows will grow. Liz and I cannot comment on those who cannot see what we are dedicated to achieving. The ‘Objective of Achievement’ is to provide show platforms where The Community can thrive. Liz and I cannot do any more than be transparent, open and work with integrity. We cannot force anyone to choose between being an ‘exhibitor’ or becoming a Community Member.

We believe Visitors like to know about the ethos and purpose of OUR Shows. Customer service is essential to success, and we will ensure that the Visitor is looked after during their visit. They will know that The Community works to the highest standards and are dedicated to the Community Idea. I will relentlessly pursue the promotion of all Community Members. It does not matter if they cannot attend every show, they can be confident we will work in their interests at all times.

See You Soon

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  1. Thank you Ian,
    Apart from a free talk and a workshop I don’t do regressions on the day, I use the time to talk to people and as a platform for my work and to promote my retreats. The great thing about being part of a big event family is that there are a few of us getting together and supporting each other on workshops and retreats outside of the show to spread our business name.

  2. I have said it before and I will say it again a show is what YOU make of it, if you interact with people you will more often than not draw people too you, talk to people engage them your stall is your stage go on it and perform Liz and Ian do there bit ,on the day it is down to the individual to perform and sell yourself. I will help anybody I can and I thrive on the support I get from the community, I will share anybodies things websites etc as I have no competitors rivals etc I can only be 100% me and leave others to judge. Thanks for articles like this, in my humble opinion it helps keep you sharp.. Thanks Rick.

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