The signature of our shows is Well Being. Consider our environment influences our Wellness and Well Being. We encourage information stands at our events. A regular attendee within our community is The Woodland Trust.

The Woodland trust has to be one of the most ethical charities in the U.K. There is no hidden agenda’s, the purpose of the Trust is to replant and look after our woodland inheritance. For those who are interested, there are numerous avenues to investigate, for example, the Trust will help and even part fund a project to plan a new woodland. The trust will advise on the maintenance and renewal of woodland areas. The trust will educate those with interest in our environment’s future. Our countries threatened woodland is an essential facet of the health and future existence of our nation’s wildlife. The Woodland Trust, with years of knowledge and understanding of trees, forestry, and its 500 thousand supporters work tirelessly to protect the future of our countryside.

Never forget the importance of woodland to our profoundly threatened wildlife. There are many species which need safe and intensive woodland for protection and survival. Endangered plants and flowers thrive in densely wooded areas. In fact, the very nature of acres of trees follows ‘natures’ plan to perfection. For example: – Once a woodland area becomes established, birds inhabit the infrastructure of the woodland, and their droppings carry the seeds needed to cultivate wildflowers and berry hedges. The majesty of the process is incredible, and we should never underestimate the value of undisturbed forestry. In its silence, the beauty of nature is strengthened.

Talk to the Woodland Trust representative at The Well Being Show. You will learn the importance of protecting and contributing to our countryside and urban landscapes. For those of you who consider a donation, you may not be rewarded with instant results, you can be certain your contribution will grow with the trees planted from your gift. Consider an oak tree planted today as a result of your donation has the potential to exist for centuries. The connotation of this idea is worthy of deep and prolonged consideration.

Take time to visit the Woodland Trusts website. Or talk to The Woodland Trust’s Ambassador at The Newark Well Being Show. This could become a significant step to reconnect with your natural heritage. If you care about wild animals, birds and rare species of plant or wildlife: The Woodland Trust offers a real and valid option for you to make a difference to our natural environment. The Woodland Trust is considered an essential part of our community. Their work affects our environmental ‘Well Being’ 365 days of the year. And remember, every contribution or personal help will leave a beneficial environmental legacy for many generations to enjoy.

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Woodland Trust Website


  1. The woodland trust do great work and I support The National Forest. I don’t mind putting coffers in the pot via a raffle or donation each event but not really keen on another direct debit every month as I support other charities too. Be great if they could do a children’s workshop to raise funds and awareness, I would bring a few a my seven grandchildren to a workshop.

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