Jon Sharpe Talks about The Newark Show

After Alex Marlow entered university, we asked our longtime friend Jon Shape if he would take over the vacancy as the steward during the Shows. We knew he would agree and excel at the task. In this article, Jon Sharpe talks about his experience during The Newark Well Being Show.

He often comes to see us at the Lizian Stall in Nottingham. Most weeks Jon and I record a podcast of random thoughts. Last week, I asked him if I could record his feelings about the show. Inevitably he moves away from the original question.

Jon loves everything spiritual, and cannot resist sampling Community Members offerings. During the recording, he mentions Kevin he is referring to Kevin Doe Aura Photographer. Jon’s comments are insightful both for Community and Visitors.

LizianEvents Audio interviews are proving to be very popular. Yesterdays interview with Yara has listened to over one hundred times. If you are a Community Member and have something to say, I will record your thoughts during any show you attend. Consider that you can copy the link from The Paylodz audio distribution platform. (try it from the green coloured link below). The copied link can be used on your own site, Facebook, Twitter or any social media platform. Of course, there is no charge for this service.

Some time ago I made the decision not to edit my audio interviews overly. It is easy to produce a biased article with judicious editing.


Download Jon’s Interview

The Community can use all LizianEvents facilities (LEN – Classified – Forum – Vimeo – Audio Recording) to promote their services and products at any time. Remember, just because you are not attending a current Show it does not mean you are no longer a part of The Community. I use Paylodz audio download platform as it is a super safe site, although Liz is not too sure about the company name.


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