Weather We Would Open?

Today Liz and I are recording at The Lincolnshire Showground Epic Centre. The videos will be used for promotional activities over the next few months. With all the talk about weather and events being cancelled, I will remind readers of LIzianEvents policy on cancellations.

We will never cancel a show. The only way the doors would be closed is if the venue management chose to make the decision. Our feeling is, if only one Community Member and one Visitor turned up on the day we would be open to them.

It is accurate to observe that some events (any genre) were difficult or impossible to reach last weekend (17-18 March 2018). It is unfortunate this was the situation for them, and I realise that it is impossible to predict the weather. I have an understanding of how the organisers must feel in this situation, the work and commitment to the show come to nought due to poor weather conditions.

The three venues we use were all assessable during this period. Nottingham Trowell is on a bus route, and the roads remain open. Both roads which pass by Newark Showground and Lincolnshire Showground (A46 and A15) were clear this weekend. At the time of writing the AA, road search showed a small road closed near Scampton. Does this suggest a need to be concerned about booking the February Newark Well Being Show? Not at all, the fact is the showground is accessible in all but blizzard conditions.

My focus is on the Well Being of our Well Being Shows. Attention is drawn to the accessibility of the venues in difficult weather conditions because it gives Visitors confidence to venture out to enjoy the show. In reality, the two Shows which could be affected are January – Nottingham and February Newark; the remaining shows are safe from adverse weather. The strength of an organisation is discovered in times of adversity. Issues are also prevented in planning and reviewing the situations which could be a problem. Failure to address a possible issue is irresponsible. This is the primary reason for writing this article. Although, there is another aspect to this article which requires consideration.

What is unfortunate: is in times of difficulty: some social media information is inaccurate: for example: During this window of poor weather conditions we read ‘posts’ indicating people could not access Nottingham. Was this accurate? Not from my journey into the City. The suggestion is, there may have been those who could have made some venues and scaremongering ruined the event. It is possible, the moment it is suggested a show will be cancelled the chain reaction takes effect.

It is similar to when an ‘exhibitor’ wishes to start taking down their stand before the end of a show. The action indicates to Visitors the show is over and it is not long before everyone is ‘stripping down’ tables. Success is discovered when we see our objectives through to the conclusion.

Many of The Community members are determined to progress and succeed: They do not listen to gossip, underminers or allow adversity to prevent their progress:

For examples:

We see Rick Paul dedicated to his purpose and determined to follow his objective. Kat Lawrence is travelling the country with her sought-after drums. Kirstie Wood devoted to finding ethically sourced products for her aptly name business ‘Ethically Gifted’. Simon Goodfellow’s partner Dave with his relentless quest to promote Simons work and teachings. Kevin Doe researches all aspects of the aura and colour psychology, he see’s his work as a continuous evolution. Carol and Campbell Wallace, travel the World to source the best crystals and minerals for their customers.

These are a few of the many people who simply refuse to stop if the going gets tough. They do not give up because the day is slow or they feel they are not making headway. Everything they do between the shows does in some way benefit the Well Being Shows. We must acknowledge and support The Community every day of the year. Our strength is in the daily connections: not the two days of a weekend which makes a show. Everyone should be aware our objectives are long term and in constant evolution. Everything we do is directed toward the success of The Community.

The more and varied our Community, the stronger and more interesting we are to our Visitors. There is one certainty: The doors are always open.

See You Soon



  1. Thank you for mentioning me in this article, I have a simple philosophy on this line of work the more people who share our work and promote everybody elses work the more likelihood that more people will turn up to the event, more people equals more revenue and more revenue generated means that there is money available from clients customers etc when they get to the venues. This is why as Ian and Liz say presentation is key. The organisers do their bit in promoting, the community do their bit by selling them- selves and their products and then we all have to do our bit collectively to grab people’s attentions and draw them in and hopefully make them repeat customers/clients. I love the idea of the community number one, number two for me personally is the hope that my readings or words contribute to people’s “well being” then I am contributing to the “well being” show. Simple really, love and light from Rick as always.

    • An accurate appraisal of how our system works Rick. And it is interesting to see the more you embellish it, the more successful you become! keep on climbing my friend, it will not be long before you’ll place the flag on the summit. Ian

  2. Thanks for the mention too.. I totally agree that social media tho good in one way has a lot to answer for in the scaremongering mentioned, I was booked into an event hosted by another who had been headhunting me to attend and this was the only event I could honour due to prior bookings. I knew bad weather was ahead.. i prepared for it and went the night before to ensure that I did my best to fulfill my obligation to attend, this being the only day possible and I was not going to give in to a bit of white stuff lol. Admittedly a night of minus 2 in a snowstorm with no heating in my campervan, was a bit extreme but I am a bit of a wildkatt and know my limits.. however it was sad to see the event cancelled.. not from weather but the exhibitors dropping like flies when waking up to snow before finding out if routes were clear, or believing comments online. Resulting in not enough exhibitors left to run the event – not because of the snow !! Yes safety is an issue, but main roads were clear thanks to unsung heros who keep the world turning..
    I feel a responsibility to always do my best ,as events are not just a part time outlet but for many whether exhibitor or host, the only means for financial income. I never thought about myself that day, only the fact that I had a booking to honour. This is what being part of a community is about – not just should the hosts look after the exhibitors, but the exhibitors should also look after the hosts and respect this is a two way street.
    . I for one will always do my best in all eventualities and its nice to see that that is being acknowledged.. its about respecting others and putting the community first if we are to succeed and make that difference.. something that was obviously lacking in my scenario at a non Lizian event. Yes by all means safety is an issue, but a little bit of knowledge and effort goes a long the right authorities for travel information not the facebook friends who wish to stay inside in the warm, ( whilst others are left to pick up the pieces and financial loss because the bigger picture wasnt considered) I felt so saddened for the host and Im sure many lessons have been learnt after this scenario, that an act of God needs to be accounted for in cancelled events to cover financial losses for hosts, if not done so already!
    . Im happy to hear lizian wont be affected by the weather, as I can trust them to be there for me at the end of my journey, as I will be there for them – come hell or high water .. hopefully !
    And the motto of this banter is – always do your best – and you will always gain respect. Which makes it extra special when you can sit back in the warmth, guilt free .. when you finally get home lol
    The sad part is they never did get to see my drums .. but they at least met me .. and that hopefully was a little bit of a consolation .. and the best news of all – we all got home safely.. thankyou Spirits 🙂
    Im looking forward to Lincoln – when I will be older and wiser.. and hopefully warmer lol
    Wildkatt xx

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