Daily Success

Not everyone encounters daily problems. Enjoying a comfortable life is as simple as beginning each day in calm and finishing in celebration of a day well lived. Days become weeks and weeks become months and years accumulate into memories of achievements.

Is there a secret to a life well lived?

The answer is there are no secrets to becoming secure, happy and prosperous. The requirements know one’s purpose is oneself. Listening to your words: Speaking with accuracy and truth: Make life as easy as possible by accumulating facts and understanding how to use the information to one’s best advantage.


We know there are other ingredients in the natural life recipe. Foundations of happiness, health and material success although simple, require dedication, rest too long, and headway is lost. Some people believe becoming happy ‘is easier said than done’. They fall before the quest begins. Happiness is a simple task, which requires constant effort. Moan and groan, and you slip down the ladder and have to start rolling the dice again. The guiding words of happiness and prosperity are patience and accumulation. The early stages of attainment demand high investments in hard work and personal sacrifice. Later investments will pay dividends. However, many fail because they cannot accept the high price in the early years. When friends and family go out to play, the successful stay at home and learn: In the long term taking the hard way reaps the rewards: Confidence in the process grows, and achievements are many.

 Instruction manual?

How many people buy a new item and ignore the instruction manual? Yes, the product is enjoyed, however, the full benefits of the product is hidden and unseen assets not used. This way is one of complacency; it is the difference between mediocrity and supremacy. Believing the item is already used to its best advantage, they lose the benefits of hidden potentials. How often they disadvantaged through ignorance and arrogance? The ‘know-all’ never knows’.

Understanding the Weakness

Manufactures of successful technology: for example phones and computers become market leaders because the designers understand humans laziness and complacency. So, the product is designed to provide the basic requirements of the average person needs. Taking a photo, sending a message, blocking the nuisance caller all basic tasks and easy to access. And although there are many more useful attributes hidden in the software, only the inquisitive discover the magical properties.

The Difference?

Ease of use is the difference between success and failure of the product. The technology has to be intuitive to use to be successful. ‘Just enough’ is sufficient for most people. Take the selfie, send a text, comment on social media is all most people desire. Is this a repetition of the previous paragraph? Those who understand the subtle difference between the two paragraphs will most likely be successful people. Successful people know if they make something easy for other people they will buy the product. Make the product challenging to use, and most people will look elsewhere.

Are you a ‘just enough’ individual?

Easily satisfied people are happy with ‘Just enough’ to satisfy the need: settle for what they have and see no point in expanding the possibilities of their situations. The goals are set by peers and advertisements and false perceptions. Easily satisfied people accept other peoples perception of what life should be: and the reality is life is unfulfilled: the inner being ‘feels’ it is lacking, it ‘feels’ something is wrong.

The Minority Delve Deeper

The majority are content with using ten percent of the product’s capability. In fact, the complacent, make up ninety percent of the population. The remaining ten percent use ninety percent of the products capability, and they tell everyone how brilliant the product is and how much it benefits their lives.

The Minority Influences The Majority

The majority believe the minority. And in their ignorance, KNOW they use their technology to best advantage. What have they done? They make the mistake of knowing all and always being right.

As the day begins: open the instruction manuals of life:

Read a chapter of a book.
Listen in depth to someone’s comments.
Do not dismiss the words of someone you dislike.
Learn a new word.
Say thanks to everyone – from the bus driver to best friend.
Be one of the ten percent.
Discover a little secret about your phone.

Be Happy



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