Nottingham – Trowell – 5 & 6 May

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Three or four days a week I tap these keys at The LizianShop: it keeps me connected to our ‘Nottingham Tribe’. Over the years this indoor market stall has provided Liz and me with an income and a connection to many people.

The rock collector with a specific demand, the crystal healer with a small list. And the thousand and one students who buy their incense. Liz and I have lost count of the student who we meet as ‘Freshers and finish their degree as lifelong friends’.

It is a communication hub, and there is a story to hear every day. We have thought about buying a shop many times: But in some almost mystical way, the Lizian Crystal and Incense Shop is like the sea, it captivates with its uncertainty: Who knows the plans our Council or property owners Intu has in their plans for Nottingham’s indoor market? From Liz and my own perspective, we have no concern, the years of connections are paying dividends today.

Every day we hear from our customers and friends about how they are looking forward to their Nottingham – Trowell Well Being Show. It’s an inspiring feeling that The Community leaves such a legacy of memories in the minds of the Visitors.

One aspect worth remembering is many of our customers are ‘City Bound’- This means they do not have transport and the convince of a car does not exist. And yet, they climb aboard the Ilkeston bound buses to make their way to the show. And they return to meet the thirty plus Community Members and enjoy the day or weekend.

I’m wary of writing the show has ‘Cult Status’. Because the old days of MBS events had so many references to wizards, witches and woodland entities. Our ‘Cult Status’ has no such connotations of secrets or darkness. The Community thrives on open-mindedness and respect for each other beliefs. For example, a degree qualified counsellor works the weekend alongside a spiritual healer. Their ideas may be a million miles apart. However, their respect for each other’s beliefs is a testament to the possibilities of where real peace can be discovered in our distorted and angry world.

The ethos gives LizianEvents Well Being Shows, the unique identity. The uniqueness, the philosophy: The Visitor sees’, hears’ and feels’, the certainty it is The Community which makes the shows come to light and it at every show the Visitor comes to ‘Celebrate Life and Discover Ways to become a Well Being’.

We embellish cultural identity; we have no dogma or self-centred ideas. We are a unified, free-thinking and open-minded Community. And our Visitors love the unique atmosphere of integrity.

There is only one ‘LizianEvents Well Being Show’ ethos. It is so potent, the celebration of life and happiness is the formation of the phrase ‘LizianEvents Well Being Show’.

Community Members are like the tides of the seas. They enjoy the idea they are not tied to their shows, they can be at a show, or take a break, they know they are still connected, still valued, still part of The Community. Liz and I knew this when we opened the doors in 2012 at Market Rasen Festival Hall. The idea of Community and becoming a Well Being were there from the beginning.

Nottingham – Trowell is never going to be a Newark or Lincolnshire Well Being Show. It is though, a diamond in the hearts of everyone who is part of The Community who supports the show. It sparkles in the hearts of all who visit this Well Being Show. Yes, the building has its restrictions, small talk room and facilities, the limited menu and sixty car parking. And yet, visitors still come, from Doncaster, Leicester, Derby and London. They park on the side roads and use The Festival Inn’s car park, accept we will ‘run out of food’, on Sunday afternoon and have no ‘cash back facilities’. All these are of nought to the quality of the show. The Show made by The Community who enjoy its unique and special place in our calendar.

How do I know this? I give out the free tickets, talk about the show and its memories to tens of people who visit The Lizian Shop in the Victoria Market.

‘Celebrate Life – Become a Well Being’

See You Soon


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