Bee Story – High Activity Ahead

No doubting the Nottingham Well Being Show is a testament to the progress of The Community’s efforts. We knew, once resistance to the idea of Community dissolved, everyone involved reaps the benefits. Potential has turned to energy: The Community is a bright star in the universe of wellness.

On Monday, a little drone lay dying on our south-facing window. When I look at the beauty of nature, I’m reminded of the incredible truth. It would not matter if you were a billionaire you could not make the little drone. All the millions could not produce life.

Nature is life. It connects us to unimaginable mysteries. And those mysteries are better left unsolved. Why? Because there is no need to discover ways to make or know life, it is already here and is created by natures evolution.

Man poisons his body, his Being and environment. He demands shortcuts, medical intervention: he says ‘Let me indulge and decimate my body with chemicals and processed products. I do this because the taste is nice, I cannot resist the temptations, another said to me ‘it’s ok’. And science will find a way to cure me, and repair my excess.’ And this is the reason the scientist is today’s Merlin or Morgan le Frey. Eternal – And life better than imagined are their promises.

In truth: All humans need to be healthy is to follow knowledge known for millennia. Eating natures food, drink fresh, pure water, wander mother earth and embellish the gift of friendship. Friendship? Yes, the number one precursor to long-life is ‘Connection and Communication’. Friendship is one of the four corners of wellness 1) Food 2) Water 3) Exercise 4) Friendship.

What do you find at our Well Being Shows?

The answers:

Friendship, connections, information, wisdom, knowledge are core values of every event.

In my overgrown garden, there are many flowers. I fill a jug with water and select a dandelion; a few drops of water are poured into the flower. My little friend the drone was dying: I pick him up and place him on the prepared flower. Within a minute, he’s collecting pollen; life returns. You see, my little friend is back to its life purpose. The evidence is that the designs of nature fulfil the promise of life every time. I say goodbye to the drone; my work is done.

We need a place to thrive. Our venues are like the deep yellow flower. They attract people who wish to be with friends. The objective of helping Visitors become within wellness is the core reason for every event. Last weekend thirty-six people worked together, and they fulfilled the goal. The reason they worked at the show is not focussed on the material reward. (Yes, finance is part of the equation, it has to be, money, intellect, emotion and creativity are within the spirit and soul of every successful human). The focus is demonstrating ways to find wellness, and they worked together in harmony: In doing so, they activated the most important precursor to long life: Two words, friendship and communication.

During the first weekend in June ( 2nd & 3rd ) a large Community is gathering together. If they focus on the core values of The Community, they will achieve something which will be remembered for many years. There is every reason to believe this will happen: I saw the realisation of the potential at The Nottingham Well Being Show. There is a threefold number of The Community attending The Lincolnshire Show. Think about the possibilities, think about the opportunities.

When the weekend is over: The Community can say ‘I was part of a special show, the first Lincolnshire Well Being Show’. Everyone will give their best, all know the objective and understand the Ethos. By accepting their part in the event: The Community is guided to follow the obligations written in their foundational clauses. By committing to share and promote on their social media channels. By emailing their clients, customers and friends. They follow the agreements made when joining The Community.

During the next four weeks, I intend to promote The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Readers will be provided with information about The Community – Talks and Workshops.

If you are a Community Member and you have ANYTHING to comment or would like specific information or articles here on LizianEvents News: Shout up!

If you feel you can contribute to this show and feel you would like to stand: Shout up!

Visitors: If you have an interest in or participate in wellness, wellbeing, nutrition, etc. this is the show for you; and if you have any comments on this show: You guessed it: Shout up!

I considered what song would give a feeling of the event?

Try this!

See You Soon


  1. Excellent article , the oneness of the Nottingham event was something to behold, the blueprint has been drawn for Junes event. I for one cannot wait to meet all the people who will attend whether clients or fellow community members. My divine mission I believe is to help as many people as I can to realise their own potential, the key to happiness lies within and it starts the day you wake up to yourself. No more excuses (myself included) action shapes destiny, I along with many others are doing my best to be a well-being. I will see you all in June, bright blessings from Rick.

    • Many thanks, for your wonderful words Rick. There is no turning back! The Community will pull together and make the Lincolnshire Well Being Show a magical experience for all who attemd over the weekend. Ian

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