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Lincolnshire Well Being Show 2 & 3 June: Here is the Lincolnshire Show Paid workshop schedule: We have seven of the finest teachers in their chosen field. Imagine working with teachers who have the ability to provide a workshop which will be remembered for a lifetime. Whether you have a basic knowledge or are more advanced there is something to be learned from every seminar. Last years seminars were well attended and the feedback was amazing.

The talks and workshops are full of Well Being wisdom. And 85 (confirmed Community members) indicates this show is growing into an event which justifies a whole weekend visit:

85 confirmed Community Members
33 free talks and mini-workshops
Numerous stage demonstrations
7 paid workshops

See You Soon

Lincolnshire Show Workshops

These are paid workshops contact the workshop presenter direct to book your workshops:

Saturday 2 June ~ Room 3:
10.30am Carol Wallace ~  Crystal Carols:
Duration 1.5 hours £30
‘Introduction Level Crystal Healing’ – certificated workshop

Learn how to:
Cleanse and recharge your crystal
Carry out a chakra balance for yourself or others

An informative workshop for anyone from beginners to experienced energy workers. This workshop will blend together Reiki and crystals to help enhance the client’s experience during treatments.
Cost of workshop includes a crystal pendulum and set of chakra crystals and 10% discount on any purchases made at Carol’s stall during the show!
To book your place contact Crystal Carols:
t: 0161-339-6677 from 10 am to 4.30 pm

Saturday 2 June ~ Room 3:
3.00pm Jane Osborne ~ Author:
Duration 1.5 hours £25
‘Exploring Past Lives’

Jane Osborne & Gary Longden present an interactive workshop which will cover:

The history and science of Past Lives
Ten Indicators of your Past Lives
The ten most commonly asked questions about Past Life Regressions
A Group Past Life Regression
Feedback and questions and answers

To book your place contact Jane Osborne or Gary Longden:
t: 07913746072
e:  /

Saturday 2 June ~ Room 4:
10.30am Philip Underwood:
Duration 2 hours £25
Eliminating Negative Habits and Emotions

If you want to be totally happy, free from worry, fear, anxiety and unwanted habits then this mini-workshop is essential. Philip is a Master Practitioner in the art of emotional transformation and a registered Trainer in the art of Mind Management. He runs intensive training programmes for people from all walks of life, teaching them how to help others overcome the unwanted feelings and habits they have difficulty dealing with. Bring your worries with you and you may well leave without them!

To book your place contact Philip Underwood:
t: 01522 680687

Saturday 2 June ~ Room 4
3.00pm Barrie John Medium:
Duration 2 hours £35
‘I Hear You Knocking!’

Do you hear them knocking, but you don’t know how to let them in?

Join Barrie John, and let him guide you on how to connect the two worlds, spirit and the present.  Barrie discusses and teaches attendees about spirit frequencies and different methods of connection.  He guides attendees to learn how to bond and blend with spirit.  Barrie is renowned for keeping the knowledge of this beautiful gift ‘SIMPLE’ and ‘STRAIGHT FORWARD’.

Everyone who meets Barrie discovers a warm, kind and giving character.  He never fails to impress and make new friends.

To book your place contact Barrie John:
t: 07968 368708

Sunday 3 June ~ Room 3:
10.30am Carole Catterall:
Duration 2.5 hours £20

In this workshop, you will learn the basics about your body’s energy pathways – the chakras and the acupuncture meridians – and how they are impacted by everyday issues, including your thoughts and behaviours and the environment. This will be followed by a demonstration of simple to do energy exercises, that will assist and support your body in the following ways:

Restore energy flow throughout the body
Boost energy levels
Help you to be healthier and more vibrant
Boost your immune function
Improve the body’s resilience to illness or stress
Promote clear thinking; increases focus and concentration
Increase strength and vitality
Reduce the levels of toxins and stress in the system
Balance electrolytes and blood chemistry
Assist with food metabolism
Reduces/helps to overcome fatigue
Release tension and excess worry

These simple to do exercises are grouped into 5 small segments. They involve movements such as tapping meridian points; stretching, pulling and ‘crossing-over’ certain areas of the body. Because little is required in the form of strength or agility they are suitable for a broad range of people with varying degrees of ability.

Each exercise will be demonstrated individually, step by step, then in sequence to complete the section. The audience will be then invited to practice the exercises in the same format. Once all 5 segments of the routine have been covered we will practice the whole procedure together a few times. This energy routine once mastered, will take up just 5 minutes of your day and provide you with a rich array of health benefits!

Alternative versions of the exercise routine will be demonstrated for those with mobility issues, and for those who have difficulty standing so that everyone can enjoy the full range of benefits that they offer.

To book your place contact Carole Catterall:
t: 01522 887102 / 07941 860701

Sunday 3 June ~ Room 3:
2.00pm Grace Bowker:
Duration 2 hours £tbc
Yoga Workshop

To book your place contact Grace Bowker:
t: 07428 259 002

Sunday 3 June ~ Room 4:
10.30am John Richardson:
Duration 1.5 hours £25
An Introduction to Hypnosis – certificated workshop

John’s workshops are always interesting, interactive and great fun.  John will cover all aspects of Hypnosis :

Self Hypnosis
Past Life Regression
Future Progression
Techniques to help in one’s personal day to day life

This is a workshop for anybody who has an interest in all things Hypnosis – Clinical Hypnotherapy; Stage Hypnosis; Holistic Hypnotherapy and participants will leave with a certificate of completion of the Basic Introduction to Hypnosis Workshop.

To book your place contact John Richardson:
t: (01484) 862996 / M: 07800584077

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