One Day Attendees!

One Day! Why Not? We receive many requests from Community Members who would like to stand for one day only: If you would like to dip your toe in the water at the Lincolnshire Well Being Show why not consider this option?

What is the thinking behind the idea?

The answer is of course in the first paragraph: Although there are other aspects to the one-day scheme. It provides a unique blend of Community Members for the Visitors. And because the one-day tables simple to set up, they appeal to those with only basic requirements.

No electricity is available. We provide the table cover, so: turn up, set up, and you are ready to trade. Of course, there are protocols to fulfil. The one-day stand Community Member must meet everything expected of a weekend member: personal presentation, visible pricing and superb presentation of goods MUST be accepted as essential to the agreement.

The one day attendee will still benefit from a Community Profile and the use of all Community Assets. Therefore this is an excellent way to get a feel for a more significant event. The idea holds potential as a stepping stone to try the atmosphere of a larger show. 

We should not ignore the financial aspect of the idea. Yes: there is a perceived idea the concept is less of a financial risk. Truth to tell there is no difference in this aspect of attending for one day. Returns are a direct result of effort one has to work to gain results. Talking to Visitors, giving out flyers and circulars and demonstration of your goods or services is essential to enjoying the day.

Our dedication to promotion and Visitor awareness is accepted as second to none. Readership of LEN grows each week. Our inboxes are always filled with questions and potential applications. To our mind, this vibrant communication is evidence of the progress being made. If the single day attendee chooses to work with us, they have to accept their part in the promotion of the shows. Therefore this aspect means there is a little more effort required for self-promotion.

How does this advantage The Community?

There is an immense benefit to The Community with this (late!) addition to our show architecture. By having a microstructure of Community Members, we extend the awareness of the shows. I will not give the statistical calculation behind this new addition to our organisation, but for us it makes sense. And we will continue with ‘one-day stands’ as part of the shows, and it is not a one-off idea.

Why So Late?

Well, the idea runs with a change to the layout of the floor plan. I am not writing about this, those who attend may see the changes, they may not! And yes! I am cryptic; subtle changes will enhance the ‘feeling’ of the Well Being Show. Liz and I are interested in watching the Visitor/Community interaction at this show. We are certainly within evolution, and the hive is thriving, everyone must be certain we will never become fixed or stagnant: There are many, many mistakes to be made and we’ll address them to produce a better show experience for The Community’s Visitors.

Anyone interested in becoming a Community Member and enjoying the show with a one day stand should contact Liz for details. 

See You Soon 


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