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It is rare for me to make two sequential editorial comments. And I am aware of the closeness of the Lincolnshire Well Being Show 2 – 3 June. Although I feel compelled to write this important article. Over the years I have made many friends attending the old mbs events. I like to see people succeed and prosper, therefore I’m offering a personal perspective on what seems to be a loss of appetite to exhibit at the show. In fact, I’m offering an alternative perspective, read on:

During a long conversation with my friend John he make’s a comment:

‘So many exhibitors are calling it a day Ian. They are saying “this will be my last show”’.
‘Not LizianEvents’
‘No, defiantly not – other’s’.

The conversation continued, and my suspicions about the feelings of many exhibitors are confirmed. I have something to say to those who feel like giving up as exhibitors; it is; become a Community Member at LizianEvents Shows.

LizianEvents is an organiser. The Community is the show. There is a bigger picture of our work; allow me to write about our vision and how we see the future, and you can become part of this future. Yes, you may well have to make a serious adjustment to the way you consider events, however, in the long term you may discover our vision can transform the way you feel after leaving a weekend of work.

Before becoming a Community Member, you will have to read and understand the Terms and Conditions. They are straightforward and inflexible! The core value is you are expected to promote the shows on your social media and internet connections. In return, we not only provide a superb venue to work from: we give 365 days with a year connection between the shows. 

Look at this site LizianEvents News (LEN) – It is becoming a powerful conduit of information – within eighteen months it will be an internationally recognised source of Well Being Information. Visitors will be able to find information about every aspect of physical and spiritual wellness. 

LEN has a classified and professional listings pages – both are growing – you can list on them NOW – Yes this instant! And there is no charge. You can offer submissions about your work and ideas. LEN is a powerful promotional platform for all Community Members to utilise to their advantage. Let’s face it! We are the only organiser to offer this type of connection. 

The Community works! You can feel it when you are with the shows. Visitors adore the variation and the quality of services, products and information. Time and again Visitors comment on how much they have enjoys the day. And with the great talk schedules, they often return and make a whole weekend of the show. The evidence is transparent, Visitors numbers are growing show on show, and they are new people to the shows.

Our format and Ethos dictates that as a Community Member your mission is to provide the Visitors with a well laid out stand, price all of your goods, clearly define your products, services and cost. In return, you’ll become successful and prosper within the shows. And you can promote your services and products here on LEN within your Community Profile. You can be assured; Visitors do look at the profiles: Rick Paul’s profile has been viewed over 4000 times. He would be the first to agree our promotion works; he is also the first to say “Everyone should take advantage of what is being offered” and Rick is right. If you wish to find success this platform is an excellent place to begin.

A year ago people were suspicious of our new layout and ideas. To be specific, there were some who believed the Community idea was laughable and a pipe dream. Well, it was never a dream, it was always the reality, the idea of Community continues to be the bedrock of our organisation and plans. Laughable? No one’s laughing now.

I’m asking you not to give up on something you love. Consider the option of becoming a LizianEvents Community Member. Think through the idea of following a simple set of guidelines: all your fellow Community Members accept the Terms and Conditions as the best way to find security and balance. Consider the idea of only working with one organisation. Many of our Community Members have now chosen as a viable way to success. One organiser, one commitment to seven shows and focus on the success of the shows. Many realise they are connected to Visitors by this daily publication, and this is more effective than losing money at the oversubscribed and poorly attended show. And they see the growth of our organisation and look at the potentials in the coming years.

During 2019 we will make additions to our infrastructure which will make the idea of being a Community Member even more satisfying. The ripples of our work are extending to other avenues. By being part of our organisation, you will have access to these new conduits of success. What are they? We’ll release the details later in the year, and they will be landmark concepts and game changers, of this you can be sure. Our organisation is profitable and run with ethical and moral principals. Profit is returned to assets and the promotion of shows.

Community Members approach us not the other way around, and the list is growing. Why is this? Well, consider three facts – The Lincolnshire Well Being Show will have 94 Community Members attending – The Newark Well Being Show list is already 50 confirmed, and The Nottingham Well Being Show is all but full. We have established bookings from many Community Members for all of our shows in 2019. This has to be an acknowledgement of the way the organisation looks after Community Members. We give more than a room and a table: the dedication is consistent and relentless. Be assured we will not be changing this policy any time soon.

Constant loss of money is fine if there is a long-term objective. And this is why people are giving up exhibiting: You do not exhibit with our organisation: You possess the show: You are the show: You are Community Member: You are part of the success. If you work with us, I cannot guarantee you fame and fortune. I can assure absolute dedication to giving you the best possible chance of success. Your commitment is to become dedicated to the promotion of the shows. Don’t give up! Consider being part of our Well Being Shows.

See You Soon 


  1. I feel the way you guide community about standards is inspirational. The word nurture comes to mind. It would be foolish to think you are demanding or enforsing people to take a fixed way of working. Fantasitc organisational ability, serious national or international standards of business ability. Janine

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