The show is over, and we have returned home. One final job to deliver five hundred kilos of stock to Campbell and Carol’s home in Manchester. They’d typically have deliveries taken to their shop or warehouse. However Carol is a brilliant chef, so we deliver to their house and blag a Sunday lunch. It is strange how fate has beneficial twists!

After lunch, an interview is recorded. Carol and Liz talk about the show and why they feel sharing is so essential to success and the future. And this open style of trading can benefit on many levels. It is about growing trust and reputation, what could be better for any type of business?

Enjoy the interview


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    • Thanks, Rick – Yes, there is years of dedication and determination involved. The early years for Liz and I were sometimes a little difficult, however, we are always future-minded. One step at a time – Success is about perseverance and faith – See You soon! Ian

  1. Most interesting insight, Carol, Liz & Ian. Helping us, the public discover some of what goes on behind the scenes before crystals appear in your shops/ your stands…
    And the ‘blood, litres of sweat & tears’ and huge stamina involved & necessary, as well as utter dedication, common sense but also intuition guiding you through the mine field of those gorgeous crystals!
    Not a trip for the faint hearted or the ‘weak bodied person’, I reckon.
    WELL DONE all of you! We’ll remember your stories as we admire your stalls-
    ( Pity the 48,000 Euro sphere won’t be there… this time?!) xx Brigitte

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