‘Help the Earth Help You to Survive Imminent Disasters’
Channelled by French Medium Brigitte Rix

This book is written from messages channelled by Brigitte from ‘Superior Beings’ from beyond the Spirit World. The messages are ones of great importance to the human race. The information covers many of the threats the ‘race’ will face in the coming years. The title is self-explanatory.

The book has three parts and nineteen chapters. The reader will benefit from reading it ‘front to back’ in the first instance. It is then suggested the reader ‘takes possession’ of it, and work through the book with pencil and page markers. Many of the sections within the chapters cry-out for this method. In this way, the facets which resonate can be considered in more depth, and those which require more consideration can be returned to later.

I’m not sure if Brigitte deliberately designed the layout so the book could be read in this way. If she did it works very well indeed. The format of the book allows it to be ‘cherry picked’ and this is perfect for the subjects covered. The typeface is clear and important parts of some paragraphs are, for emphasis, made bold. I think this is a right decision. Indeed, you could run through the chapters and gain inspiration from many of the quotes.

For Examples:

Early in the book (page 62) has a header ‘Happiness comes from Within’. I read through this with care and returned to the sentiments on many occasions. A further advantage of the layout means highlighted section can be used as seeds of meditation.

‘Happiness comes from Within’
‘Happiness comes from Within’

Page 75 –

Don’t Waste Water – Many will think this is an obvious lesson. However, the ideas offered are worthy of reflection. A dedicated reader could paraphrase (rewrite) this guidance and consider why it is a message of great importance. Yes, we all know the importance of this directive. However, it’s always good to be reminded of anything of importance.

Page 166 – Compassion before Profit – Here are six paragraphs of teachings many would benefit from returning to on a regular basis. Maybe the reader thinks the message is for business-people. Or perhaps not: all of us can focus on the three words and find their relevance to our personal environment.

Compassion before Profit
Compassion before Profit

These are three examples (of many) messages which resonate with my inner-self. There are many more, although, within the parameter of a review it is not necessary for me to catalogue any more than sufficient to seed interest in the book. Although the examples give one a ‘feeling’ for the contents, do not conclude the subjects are limited to environmental or moral ideas. How about, science, cryogenics. World leadership, survival and criminals as further subject matter? There is plenty for the most inquisitive of minds to absorb. 

In fairness, not all readers will agree with every message or even a whole chapter. However, all are worthy of consideration. It is recommended if something does not resonate, ask why! It is important not to dismiss anything on first reading. Remember, this work is channelled, and Brigitte is the conduit, not the author. I’m sure she will not be offended if some of the chapters do not resonate with the reader.

This reviewer has read many spiritual books, my library was recently pruned down to eighty titles, ask me which ones I’d keep while escaping a flood and Brigitte Rix’s works would be on the list. I find the information discovered in her channelled work to be thought-provoking. The ideas and suggestions within this book are worthy of reflection. 

Ultimately, a review has to answer one question: ‘Can the book be recommend, and worth adding to one’s library?’ The answer to both questions is a firm ‘Yes’.  

Brigitte is a regular speaker at LizianEvents Shows. She enjoys a large and loyal following of people who appreciate her presentations and books.

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  1. Warm thanks to you Ian Timothy, for kindly taking the time to read my 5th channelled book- and for putting across so well your opinion and feelings.
    A for all my channelled books, I received all the contents of course from my Advanced Communicators via telepathy and very fast automatic writing – But, as you said, I chose this published layout & typeface to make it easier to read and remember- and come back to if need be!

    A list of chapters titles/ contents/ is on my website -www .i talk with spirits.com ( all in one word)-The guidance given by those Superior Beings is important, as they explain why they are most concerned about our future, unless we heed their warnings. It goes far beyond environmental ‘human advice’ – Recent natural disasters and world events are beginning to prove them right.

    Thank you very much for your kind support and for sharing, Ian xxx

  2. Thanks very much, Ian! Well… if YOU think so, then my new channelled book must be good ! 🙂
    I am sure my communicators are glad you that you approve of their work, and so am I…
    And they are grateful too that you helped informing the public of its existence and importance for mankind’s future. Merci beaucoup! xx

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