It is always nice to revisit Community Members previous articles. Today we meet Steven Blake and his OldPain2Go system. Steven has attained an amazing reputation for helping people who encounter or have to live with long-term disabling pain. He is currently in Australia training practitioners in his OldPain2Go system. We’ll be looking forward to his recollections of the trip when he returns.

Hi, I’m Steven Blake,

Allow me to introduce myself and partner Trudy. We are fascinated with helping the human mind and body work in harmony. There are two main areas of our work: The removal of pain and helping people overcome major and life-limiting anxieties. We have trained in many different healing modalities which we combine to produce effective and long-term answers to pain and anxieties.

The removal of physical pain may sound and look miraculous when observed in a demonstration. The reality is we have simplified a method which many have found complicated to explain. We have developed an approach where we teach the body’s resources to correct a message that is no longer required – which is all that old pain is! For a detailed demonstration click on this link: demonstration to see OldPain2Go in action. In this instance, we watch the removal of pain and swelling from a client with arthritis. The method is called BrainBargaining, a term I created to describe how to gently persuade the unconscious mind to turn off old and unnecessary defensive programs. Our work helps people understand themselves so that healing can take place quickly, safely and be sustainable.

I give talks at most of the events I attend; my presentation explains my work using a mixture of facts, examples and teachings, combined with comedic observations on how life works or doesn’t! The audience is sure to enjoy our time together. I weave a little audience participation and leave time for questions toward the end of the talk. It is both encouraging and rewarding when people tell me how the talk has benefitted and changed their lives.

Steven's Insightful Talk
Steven’s Insightful Talk

Incidentally, at the shows and events, our stand is an information point. The visitor will be under no pressure or sales pitch. Both Trudy and I will be able to offer explanations of our work and methods. There is no hard sell; you will be able to talk with freedom and depth about the issues which cause concern and discord. Compassion and understanding are paramount to our work; you will discover genuine empathy and patience. To give you an idea of our integrity; we recently consolidated our promotional materials to reflect the overall nature of our business, which is to remove pain – both physical and emotional. Follow this link to my website – The heart of our work is to deal with the core issue, not just the presenting symptoms. This can take longer than the time slots we could give at events for treatments, so we no longer provide tasters or quick fixes as this does not demonstrate a genuine nature of our work.

I have helped hundreds of people overcome their major anxieties over the last six years – typically in just one session. Many testimonials can be read at this link: My Testimonials – We are proud of our achievements, and it is entirely due to our continuing success that we have ventured into providing a further way of finding freedom from the challenging aspects of modern life.

Pain Free - Demonstration
Pain Free – Demonstration

While attending the Lincoln event, I met Trudy, the love of my life. The empathy of love and kindness was immediately recognised, and within a few months, we began working together. Trudy has attended most of the events with me since November 2014. It is a great feeling to have gained friends and colleagues through our work; we are indeed thankful for this additional aspect of our endeavours. Many of the people we have helped over the years, stop and talk about their progress and how their lives have become transformed from discord to comfort.

I provide training for practitioners in OldPain2Go either in group workshops or individually. This can be achieved worldwide through Skype. (there are now 38 practitioners worldwide, UK, New York, Canada, Netherlands, and soon in Australia) Below are five successful students after qualification.
Training OldPain2Go Students
Training OldPain2Go Students

Trudy and I share a home with peace and love. We call it “SanctuaryMuch” as a tongue in cheek nod of gratitude to abundance we receive in our lives. Some time ago we decided to open its doors to people who are looking for respite and calm from the conflicts of our modern world. It is the perfect place to stay when you need to get away from the stresses of life. Visit our website to discover a real haven of peace: SanctuaryMuch Website. 

Each room is ensuite, the kitchen, sun lounge, exercise equipment, garden and even a pair of bikes are available for the use of our visitors. We refer to our home as “The place to Be when life’s a B”. Guests often book treatments while staying with us and many who travel for treatments stay overnight to enjoy their ‘moment’ before returning home. It is easy to enjoy a peaceful break of calm, and remember we are in the background if there is anything you wish to know about our work. During training courses students find it beneficial to stay with us, the courses seem to have more depth because of the stronger connections to us their tutors. Of course, many visitors use “SanctuaryMuch” as a base when visiting locally and we are central to some wonderful countryside and historical attractions. You can book either directly with us or through AirBnB: Booking Link Here

When visiting a show where we are attending, seek us out, and we can talk in confidence with no obligation or pressure. You will be encouraged to ask as many questions as you like and we will guide you with openness and respect. You will find us to be patient, amiable, and caring. Our work is to build a lifetime of mutual happiness with our clients.

Love Always, Steven and Trudy


  1. It’s refreshing to meet therapists such as Stephen and Trudy. Very friendly, honest and understanding, they successfully confirm the fact, well-known in Complementary Medicine and Spirit teachings, that our minds & emotions greatly affect our bodies and are at the root of our health problems.

    As their website seems to be in the making at the moment (?) I only encountered a temporary page informing us of this. No worry: I look forward to viewing the site soon.
    Also Stephen in this older post, does not tell us which part of UK they live in… so that we can locate easily the attractive offer of their SanctuaryMuch retreat. Sounds just the right place!
    Just a passing hiccup no doubt , but I only mention it in case readers struggled with the links like I did…(Unless I am blind and fumbling? In which case I apologise!…).

    So, lots to look forward to finding out on line, and when you meet Stephen & Trudy in person at the next Lizian Well Being Events.
    They are both helpful, caring and very knowledgeable therapists who put their hearts into helping their patients become Well Beings! 🙂 Brigitte

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