This is a fascinating article by Carol Catteral. She is a very interesting lady who is absolutely dedicated to helping people sort through their issues and problems. We would recommend every visitor spends a few moments (or even longer!) talking to Carol. You may find she will open your mind to incredible possibilities.

I have always had a spiritual outlook from an early age and have been able to sense the emotional energy of those around me.  At my parent’s insistence, I attended church on a weekly basis where I became fascinated by stories of healing.

Over the years I have maintained an interest in all things Mind, Body, Spirit, and I particularly wanted to understand how thoughts, emotions and beliefs affect a person’s overall health and general well-being. To this end, I have been on a journey of discovery which has led me to study a wide array of literature on alternative/ complementary therapies, including Hands on Healing (Reiki / Quantum Touch / The Re-connection); Colour therapy; Crystal therapy; Sound & Vibrational healing; the therapeutic use of Herbs and essential oils; EFT and Energy Medicine.

In 2003, I decided to learn Reiki, as a tool for helping myself and others.  Taking each of the levels over the next few years, I subsequently became qualified to teach the subject in 2006.  For a while, I ran Reiki shares form my home and taught it to others.  Barbara Ann Brennan in her book ‘Hands of Light’ taught a method of using the pendulum to help determine the flow of energy of a person’s chakras and the underlying reasons behind particular imbalances.  I began to use dowsing as a means of gaining information during healing sessions.

Then I took a Bachelor of Science Degree in Herbal Medicine at Lincoln University from 2004-2008 to learn about anatomy and physiology, and traditional, plant-based medicines.  Through the herbal traditions of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) I was introduced to other energy pathways in the body including the acupuncture meridians and discovered that each of the body’s major organs had an associated emotion linked to it. For example, anger can affect the health of the liver and an unhealthy/ damaged liver can lead to anger.

During the past few years, I have been introduced to the world of Quantum Physics and Energy Medicine, which has further broadened my understanding of the connections that thoughts, beliefs and emotions have on our overall health and well-being. Through David Hawkins work and his ‘Map of Consciousness,’ I discovered that every thought has its own energetic vibration, which can be calibrated and given a numerical value.  Every thought vibration increases or decreases the flow of energy in our own energy field as well as those of the people around us. In 2015, I pooled this body of information together and over the next two years compiled my own energy-medicine workbook,   entitled ‘Positive Resonance’, which I now use as a base for helping others.

During a consultation, I will start by dowsing the person’s chakras to check how the energy is flowing through each one in turn and to establish which direction that the energy is currently flowing in. Each Chakra is related to different aspects of a person’s life and each one governs its own set of organs, glands and tissues. From this information, a bigger picture emerges about the underlying issues which are contributing to the energy-flow imbalances.  These issues are discussed with the person, who can then opt to have the imbalanced chakras cleared, re-balanced and re-energised; or choose to continue with the dowsing process, to discover whether there are any underlying emotions trapped within the body, which can now be cleared.  I also offer Reiki healing, either on its own or with crystals.

Tapping into my love of crafting, I have created a small range of Chakra-related items and some artwork depicting Chakra symbols and Mandalas, for use as meditation aids. These can be found for sale on my stand today.

I am planning to run a variety of courses – based on healing and energy work – from my home in the village of Branston (5 miles from Lincoln) in 2018.  If you would like more info about them, please ask.  Thank you.

Carole Catterall – 07941 860701


  1. Interesting article, personally would of liked to hear more about the EFT.

    Something to consider; alot of “standholders” seem to put their knowledge into running courses, teaching others, nothing wrong in that.

    That said, I know the “community” has some members that should put their knowledge/energy into helping others in the form of counselling/guidance/coaching, rather than teaching.

    Food for thought?

  2. An interesting article by a very interesting & knowledgeable lady!

    You are absolutely spot on, Carole: thoughts, emotions and beliefs definitely affect a person’s overall health and general well-being.
    ‘Heal the Mind first’ is a factual & essential aspect of healing!

    Your consultations sound most interesting and valuable. I hope to manage to meet you at some point at Newark Sept. show.
    Thanks for sharing your journey and discoveries. x 🙂 Brigitte Rix

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